Contest Winners

Adam Bernstein
Alice Villalobos
Brandon Weinbrenner
Brian Erickson
Clint Tsao
Gene Springs
gerald granozio
Congratulations to AD reader Brandon Jones for correctly predicting 20 categories at this year’s Oscars. This makes him our grand prize winner.

Runners up, with a whopping 19 were Arun Welandawe Prematilleke and Daniel Gardabie

Finally, those with 18 were:

Kevin Reed
Marlonn Della Bruna
Sarah Cassone
Thomas Sentina
vincent cusimano

Nice job, everyone.

  • Danalog

    Too bad, I saw this contest too late. I managed 19 on the night at our own Oscar pool in London.

  • Zac

    Who had the worst? I bet it was me, since I only correctly predicted 10 out of 24. :(

  • Brian

    Oh wow…I’m on that list. I should have gone with my initial predix, because my final score was a lot lower than that lol.

  • Bob W

    wait— that first group of people all got 20??? wow!

  • Adam

    Hmm, I’m in that first group and I’m pretty sure I got 18 (I’m most proud of calling both Marion and Tilda). Maybe that first grouping of people should be part of the 18 group below? Or maybe I did better than I thought…

  • Zac

    My other comment in this thread was before I checked the results in the forum and sure enough, I was dead last! Woohoo. :)

  • Nick Plowman

    Congrats all! I only got 17, but I am proud.
    Again, congrats.

  • Pierre de Plume

    Sounds like there’s plenty of Sultans material here at AD. I wonder how the “experts” fared, such as Tom O’Neil, Jeff Wells, David Poland, Dave Karger, etc.

  • Alan

    Actually, Zac, I only got 5 right–original screenplay, actor, supporting actor, song, and score. I don’t think anyone but a two year old child could top that. Okay, maybe a one year old child.

  • Zac


    I was talking about the contest in the forums. Did you enter that one, because that is the one that I was last in.

  • Zach

    I got 17 and am pretty proud. There is no way I would have settled on Tilda and The Golden Compass, though hindsight is always 20/20. Dammit, now if I had only gone with my heart on Elizabeth’s costumes, it would have been 18!!

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