Americans better start upping their game is they’re to keep up with the likes of these folks.

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  • Sam Juliano

    Yes indeed Sasha! Not a single American! Well THIS is definitely a validation that the Oscars are truly INTERNATIONAL, regardless of what bad choices that have made through the years! This fact is reason to celebrate.
    Lucio, you are probably on a gondola in Venice right now dowing some vino (or is it champagne?) over Ms, Cottilard’s win. (and I know Ms. Swinton was another one you were calling for, since Ms. Blanchett was an unlikely winner after her Oscar of two years ago) But you yourself (and many others on these threads were calling for international wins to make the Oscars more viable and justified) and here we are! Yes, three of them were in American films, but that just tells you of the USA’s production dominance.
    The sweep of European actors is a giant step forward for the Oscars. Many of us have rightly decried the snub of BROKEBACK and many other injustices, but the complete embrace of non-Americans is surely the Oscars finest hour of the new millenium.

  • Alison Flynn

    Great photo. Javier looks hot. Marion looks ecstatic. And DDL looks classy as always.

  • Bob W

    VERY interesting tonight— and BRAVO to the winners including not just Brits, but a Spaniard and (finally again) A frenchwoman! it’s both a nice challenge to americans and an encouragement to the internationals.

  • Alison Flynn

    Very true, Bob W.

    And except for Marion, they all played Americans. Or at least DDL and Swinton did.

  • Ryan Adams

    “And except for Marion, they all played Americans.”

    Europeans make better Americans than the ones we grow domestically. It’s because we started growing wine vineyards here.

    I wish I could find a big village of cool Europeans to come replace most of the people who live in my town.

    Though it might be simpler to just move to Europe.

  • Actually I think Swinton played a canadian. WasBardem playing an American? Unclear….

  • I wonder whether Clooney (who missed Cotillard and Swinton (!!)) managed to win his Oscar pool this year??


  • Alison Flynn

    That’s right. He didn’t vote for his own co-star.

  • frederic lyon

    If Hollywood goes fully international, then the Academy Award will become the only true Film Festival Of The World every year.
    All other film fests will become local events with some importance, like Venice and Cannes film fests, which have very strong roots.
    And there will always be special events for indie movies like Sundance or Berlin.

  • Bobby C

    It would have been great if the acting winners had all been first-timers– like Johnny Depp for Best Actor.

  • Bob W

    Bobby C, what do you mean? these were mostly first time winners (except Daniel) and first time nomineeds (except Bardem, I believe)

  • Alison Flynn

    You’re right, Bob W. Marion and Tilda were both first-time nominees.

  • PeterV

    looks like the only precursor to match up with all of the actors this year was the BAFTA’s. Interesting!



    1.BACKLASH, BACKLASH- sensing an all american game in next years oscar, save for Kate Winslet in one of her two roles- the reader and revolution road.

    2. Avoid getting nominated for best actress and best supporting actress in the same season: Julianne Moore (Far From Heaven, The hours) and Cate Blanchette ( ELIZABTEH: GA and I AM NOT THERE)

    3. Stop attaching self emotionally to great masterpiece and watch it die a painful death at the hands of mean guilds, critic group- Atonement!

    4. Anyone can write a winning screenplay and pr whore it mad- Cody Diablo: Juno. Love ya girl. You give me and my screenplay hope.

    5. TESTESTORONE always wins: einnnaa , its time we a get a estroegene driven movie win for a change.

  • Alison Flynn

    As I was watching this I was thinking the same thing, Peter.

  • Ryan Adams

    Clever matching, Peter and Alison.

    So we look to the BAFTAs for the acting matches, and the Indie Spirits for all the original screenplays.

    And consult IMDb fangirls for the Art Direction contenders.

  • Ryan Adams

    4. Anyone can write a winning screeplay and pr whore it mad- Cody Diablo: Juno. Love ya girl. You give me and my screenplay hope.

    Don’t forget, Dario:

    4.(a). Acquire wardrobe consisting entirely of animal prints.
    4.(b). Somehow characterize the sex industry and unprotected intercourse as empowering to women.
    4.(c). Include communication device modeled on popular fast food item. (filet-o-fish Blackberry?)
    4.(d). Slang that shit up. Slang it in their faces. Slang it all over the walls and ceiling.

    6. If actor/actress, be smokingly sizzlingly hotbloodedly fuckable.
    7. Consider changing name from Dario to Diabrio.

  • Pierre de Plume

    When Swinton was interviewed in the backstage pressroom immediately after her win, one reporter asked her about the great number of Europeans winning Oscars. She answered, “Dude — Hollywood was built by Europeans!” She sure is right about that one.

    Without showing any disrespect for older actresses, I think Cotillard’s win reinforces the “two old broads in a row” rule. Only once in Oscar history has best actress gone to an older woman two years in a row — Katharine Hepburn 1967 and 1968, and she shared her second one with Streisand.

    Reminds me of another long-established rule that this year applied to Atonement — the Golden Globe drama winner has also been a best film Oscar nominee every year since the early 60s or thereabouts.

    I think it’s great that non-Americans are making it into the Academy. It’ll help continue to raise the quality of films awarded in the future.

    Did anyone notice Cate Blanchett’s look of immediate shock and happiness when Cotillad’s name was announced? Cate seemed truly thrilled to see Marion win.

  • I did notice that Pierre, it was quite exhilarating to see, it seems like everyone there was behind Cotillard, her win was extraordinary. Loved it.

  • glimmer

    well i’m all for the non american slant this year. 🙂

    yep almost anything that annoys the ultra mainstream blockbuster movie/weekend top five kids is ok with me… if if we can get them to watch more than one film a decade that has subs !!! *bang bang bang* 🙂

    dario…i’d love an estroegene driven movie winning or at least being considerired to have serious chance to win going in award night….

    dario and ryan i love your lists(do you need someone to ‘whore’ it up for you !!!!!) and i hope the dynamic duo can finish the screenplay your writting. 😉

  • glimmer

    some stuff that made it into the boxofficeprophets .live oscar blog…

    It probably was feeling a bit tempting for Cody to start dancing around the pillars on stage. – Reagen Sulewski, 11:27 pm

    I think this is the least recognizable Best Actor/Actress winner I can ever recall. Her speech was wonderfully genuine, but I can’t shake the feeling 99.99% of the people watching are wondering who in the Blue Hell she is. – David Mumpower, 10:15 pm

    “The always fantastic Jessica Alba”? Apparently the voice over dude hasn’t seen… well, anything she’s been in, really. – Reagen Sulewski, 9:45 pm

    You know, in re-watching Marketa’s speech, Viggo Mortensen is intently giving her his A History of Violence look. He’s either going to whack her or molest her on the stairs. – David Mumpower, 11:09 pm

    I love that Tommy Lee Jones was fixing his cufflink while Javier Bardem was publicly thanking him in front of a billion people. Maybe that could have waited 60 seconds, Gramps. – David Mumpower, 9:21 pm

    This should be subtitled, “Eighty years of Best Picture winners: and we only regret about a quarter of them!” – Reagen Sulewski, 10:27 pm

    and yes i love the bop site !!!! 🙂

  • Alison Flynn

    glimmer, this is my favorite exchange:

    The Academy Award for Best Actor goes to Daniel Day-Lewis for There Will Be Blood. – Kim Hollis, 11:34 pm

    Great win. He is nothing like any of characters. – Pete Kilmer, 11:35 pm

    I think it was a bit shocking when he beat Helen Mirren to death with the Oscar, though. – Reagen Sulewski, 11:37 pm

  • glimmer

    hey alison !!!!! 🙂

    yes hitting helen would truly finish things indeed… 😉

    ‘thank you and good night….’ 😉

  • Caroline

    What’s with the “Americans better start upping their acting game”? I don’t understand that because I have never thought the Oscars were American I always thought they were a celebration of the best acting performances, directing etc. When I watch Daniel Day Lewis in There Will be Blood I see an actor not an Irishman, when I see George Clooney in Michael Clayton I see an actor not an American.

  • alexg


    Add Sigourney Weaver to that list of double nominees who lost…!

    Heart-broken that Page or Christie didn’t win…but Cotillard so deserved it.

  • glimmer

    caroline…i think that comment had a bit of humor underneath it. 🙂

  • haqyunus

    it is a historic win for cotillard. not only she is the 3rd actor to win an oscar in a non-english film. she beat out other french legends like catherine deneve, isabelle adjani, jeanne moreau and others in winning an oscar in a french film, in french about such a french icon. kudos for her!!!

    and yes alison flynn ad zach it is indeed only the second time all acting wins r non-americans.

  • RichardA

    Acting in America has been outsourced; this is an evidence that the school system in America has truly failed us. It is time for the government to invest money for theater programs and humanities in the public schools.

    That started as a snarky comment but hmmm…..

  • glimmer


  • Sallyinchicago

    I so wanted Ruby to win, that would have brought us an American win.
    The show overall was by-the-numbers, predictable, so I went to bed early. I knew Marion would win. She wasn’t exactly an upset. In fact, were there any “upsets” at all?
    Betcha the overnight Nielsens are low, but at least the telecast was under 4 hours!

  • Tero Heikkinen

    When was the first time and who won then?

  • Tero Heikkinen

    IF this was only the second time all acting winners were non-American…

  • Sallyinchicago

    Loved Jon Stewart, bring him back next year.

  • haqyunus

    Tero Heikkinen, it was in 1964. the winners were:

    BA: Rex Harrison for My Fair Lady (british)
    BSA: Peter Ustinov for Topkapi (british)
    BAs: Julie Andrews for Mary Poppins (british)
    BSAs: Lila Kedrova for Zorba the Greek(russian)

  • Free

    I know this has been going around, but I’d just like to say how happy I was to be wrong and that Marion won. That was one of many highlights, if not THE highlight.

    And she was magnificent during the press interviews.

  • haqyunus

    i was thinking that this year’s oscar brilliantly matched with BAFTAs( and only baftas; not globes or sag or etc). even the upsets of swinton and cotillard.

    oscars and baftas matched in :

    best dir
    best actor
    best s actor
    best actress
    best s actress
    best adapt. screenplay
    bets orig. screenplay

    are bafta’s becoming as influential as it was predicted (or the organizaers were trying to) this year?

  • haqyunus

    pls exclude ‘best adapt. screenplay’ from the last post.

  • glimmer

    anyone have an idea for the ratings of last nights gig ???? 🙂

  • John

    I won my Oscar pool!! 14 out of 24 categorties won. 2 others had 13. $120, baby!

    And me predicting Marion and Tilda (based on BAFTA) is what won it for me.

  • Adam

    Going back to reactions to Cotillard’s win… even more animated than Blanchett’s reaction was that of Julie Christie. She looked about as giddy as if she herself had won.

    And along with more international acting winners, it seems like overall the Oscars this decade (especially the last 4-5 years) have really been trying to share the love and break (slightly) new ground. More racial diversity amongst winners (moreso last year than this year), no movie since Return of the King just running the table (in the past four years, has any single movie won more than five Oscars?)… all seem to point toward a broader scope and changing times. Good stuff.

  • joel

    but Holly Hunter won when she nominated for BSA and BA. Emma Thompson was also a double nominee that year.

    And when Hepburn was winning two in a row, they were her second and third. Her first was for Morning Glory in the 30s.

  • iggy

    I’m really happy Javier Bardem finally made it, fifty years after his uncle (Juan Antonio Bardem) got the first nomination for a Spanish film in the Foreign Language Film category. His speech in Spanish was really touching.

    As I see many people are saying goodbye (is this site going to blast or something? I guess you’ll be having a break at least), I really want to thank the people running this site for letting complete strangers, just unknown nicknames, join and show our love for movies, which is why in the end we are all here.

  • ted

    is it just me… or did Tilda Swinton look an extremely hot mess.

  • haqyunus

    ted, tilda has a knack of looking awful. no matter how great an actress she is, she dresses horribly. look at her at sags, berlinale, socars, baftas this year….:) infact sometime i think she does it deliberately…she knows that she is looking awful….hehe

  • Dominik

    Most shocking moment: To see the extremly numb face of the 80 something old Ruby Dee, who obviously used loads of Botox to get it fixed…that was horror show!

  • richard crawford

    Hey Congrats to Dorothy Porker, Ryan, LUCHIO, and all Marion C. rooters! I won only $3 bucks this year…Only five catagories that I voted for won. None of the actors. I did like Tilda’s dress…I also liked Marion’s, especially the color. Jean Paul Gautier is a great designer.

    Ryan, did not know your were writing a screenplay. I think it was Hemmingway who said writers should write about what they know…I think Awards Daily could be the basis of a great comedy…..rather like Jonathan Demme’s CITZEN’S BAND, sometimes known as HANDLE WITH CARE. If you have not seen it…well, it’s a lovely comedy. AD has all us characters saying this that and the other…..and then some.

    Again, Cheer & Congratulations to all of your WINNERS…..esp. Marion C. supporters.

  • > I have never thought the Oscars were American I always thought they were a celebration of the best acting performances, directing etc.


    No, it’s true: Oscar history proves that Americans (especially white Americans), and Anglophones in general, are truly better at acting (and directing and producing and screen-writing) than any other ethnic group IN THE WORLD!

    Just look at the percentage of white, Anglophone nominees year in, year out….

  • Memphis

    Swinton is pretty scary looking, isn’t she? or is it just me? but the others were great. Cottilard winning made my night.

  • Memphis

    Cody winning was a foregone conclusion, but I agree with the above post. she just marketing her self as did the studio, as if this was the most intelligent, hippest script that could exist. but in reality, it came across to me as a high schooler that wrote it. She got her 15 minutes, and nobody will hear from her again i’m sure.

  • richard crawford

    Memphis…..Love your name…..Cody is a very busy gal…she has another movie in the works….& a lot of other stuff…I believe we will be hearing from her again.

  • Sally in Chicago

    To #6 & #7: Clooney won the pool…he predicted Swinton and Cotillard.

    Bardem plays a Mexican.

    And I’m thinking out loud: Are the international actors “less expensive” than Americans? Have the Americans priced themselves out of the market; esp. since most if not all of the leading movies were indies? I mean think about this: Tom Cruise at $20Mill vs. Orlando Bloom (or any other internatl actor).

    Again — just thinking out loud. But I do believe the internatl’s are better actors than Americans. Sorry.

  • Sally in Chicago

    #10 Bobby: Johnny Depp will never ever win an Oscar…count on it…because he doesn’t want an Oscar bad enough.

  • Adoro a Javier Bardem!! Tan Bello que estaba ese muchachote!

    I love Tilda in Narnia. She was the best thing in that movie

  • caroline hampton

    Correction: Daniel Day Lewis is a Brit. It is funny a lot of people think he is from there but he isn’t. He does live there, has an Irish passport and I think his children are being brought up Irish, but they love him there and pretty much leave him alone in public and the media.

  • Sally in Chicago

    The reason for Jessica Alba? Was not Penelope and Salma available? JLo usually makes the Hispanic female slot, but she was recovering from a pregnancy.

  • Charles

    Did any of you hear Regis Philbin during the preshow refer to a certain “Xavier Bardem”?

    I died.

  • Anton Chigurh is Mexican? I assumed he’s Slavic.

    Please God don’t let NCFOLM be playing the evil Mexican card (like Constantine did)….

  • Lucio

    Marion Cotillard winning, was the most deserved oscar in years for best actress!!! im so happy also for swinton, Cate knew it wasnt her night, she was beutiful and she looks so happy for tilda and marion.!

  • Larry

    “The always fantastic Jessica Alba” confused me too – until I remembered that she was in the Fantastic Four movies – that’s what the announcer was referring to, obviously.

    Tilda didn’t look scary so much as she looked like Peter Pan.

  • Alison Flynn

    Johnny Depp will never ever win an Oscar…count on it…because he doesn’t want an Oscar bad enough.

    There might be something to that. Maybe he will win one someday, but it does feel like he may be the Peter O’Toole of his generation. An actor they like to nominate again and again but not award. It’s a little early to tell.

  • richard crawford

    Alison, Depp will win an oscar….I have felt THAT for quite some time. I bet you one dollar it will happen in the next five years. Are we on? Congrats on your winners…..rc

  • Alison Flynn

    You could be right, richard. I’m thinking for either Public Enemies or Shantaram, two movies which I’m looking forward to seeing.

    I know you were rooting for Clooney. Don’t worry – he will win a lead actor Oscar eventually as well. 🙂

  • Alison Flynn

    BTW, did anyone see this article on, about the same theme?

  • phatpatt

    I bet Julie Christie was happy for Marion too. She’s a class act and I’m sure she’s happy with her win for Darling.

  • Chris

    Was anyone as shocked as I was about Tilda winning?

  • Hold on…Clooney voted for Marion. Who says otherwise?

  • sb33

    Tilda certainly looks unusual, but she isn’t “scary”! Some people may find her scary, but to me, she appears to be a very warm person. It depends on the beholder, I’m sure.

  • Lucio

    L & G: I introduce to you my blog:

  • alexg


    Yes, I think someone was as shocked as you that Tilda won: Tilda herself! 🙂

  • Daniel

    Cut down the montage and give the winners more time to speak! Also, since Oscars has gone UN, is it possible to provide translators? Not to say that the foreigners are bad in their English, but they can express so much more in their native tongues.

  • Sallyinchicago

    Daniel–no no no translaters….NO!

  • To be honest with you, I have never written any comments or posts in the Internet. This is my first time. Why did I decide to post? The answer is simple – all information here is so amazing and interesting that it’s hard to imagine someone wouldn’t comment it.

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