Tallying Things Up

Carpetbagger does a recount with hanging chads and discovers he was 16 rather than 18 right. I think that makes Kris Tapley the winner with 18 (we had contest winners, though, who got that and higher, so I guess this must mean that the pros, as usual, did not top the fans).

Meanwhile, congratulations to Brinton Oscar Breach, who was the only one on our Big Bad Chart to get all of the main categories right, with Cotillard AND Swinton. Bravo.

  • Damn that “Butterfly”! I was certain it would pull an upset somewhere, and went for the adapted screenplay. The only upset one here eventually is me, for realizing “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” came out empty handed. But I did get Cotillard AND Swinton right for a total of 9 out of 10 on the main categories (and I’m one box up from the champ, albeit linkless). And although my Tech categories were quite bad (Damn that Bourne) I was still the only one on the chart that called “The Golden Compass” for best FX. Hurray pour moi!

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    Sasha, I feel your pain. I’ve held an Oscar pool every year since 2000 with my family, have never lost. . .until last night, where I not only lost my crown, but I came in third. I’d rather come in third every year and have the films that need to win actually win and have things interesting (I was deathly afraid of a Juno upset).

    Yair, alas, nada for what I still consider to be the best film of the year. I’m not surprised, but it would have been nice if it had won something. But, the same fate accured with City of God, a film I considered to be the best of its year, too.

  • According to David’s predictions posted at http://carpetbagger.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/02/23/pick-your-poison/ he actually went 16 for 24. Does anyone know where updated predictions may have been posted to raise him to 18 of 24? My predix comparison charts are once again up at http://www.oscarcentral.com/2008/post_others_chart.html

  • Also note that Nathaniel Rodgers at The Film Experience also went 8 for 8 in the top categories.

  • me too! 😉

  • lol, I got screwed by Swinton – not in a good way.

    I got 17/24 in total, not bad, but ain’t great.

    Go Kris dude, 18 – one more than me!

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