Paul Dano’s career took a great leap forward this year, especially on the heels of last year. That’s two Best Pic nominees in a row for the actor. He’s profiled in DazedDigtal, courtesy of ONTD:

“I definitely want to get to a point where I can help get films made and be offered great roles, and I understand that to get there you have to achieve a certain level of notoriety,” he smiles (his semi-jagged teeth are far from perfect, but admittedly, they do look kind of cool.) “I guess I’d be hypocritical if I said fame wasn’t something I aspire top, but it’s fame in a different sense of the word,” he roles his eyes jokingly. “I mean I’m definitely not living the Hollywood lifestyle.” Luckily for him, however, notoriety is something he’s gaining rapidly.

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  • Dano is going to be so huge if he keeps up all the good work. Little Miss Sunshine to There Will Be Blood? I hope he rocks in Where The Wild Things Are or whatever project of his comes next. Just like Ellen Page, this young star is on the rise. lol, me calling them young.

  • vv

    I must say I found him quite disappointing in TWBB

  • He was brilliant in TWBB. He played his own brother for crying out loud. He’s probably the only actor his age who’ll stop pissing himself long enough to work with Daniel Day-Lewis.

    That said, I have to ask: am I the only woman alive who has a crush on Paul Dano?

  • Alison Flynn

    I actually thought Dano held his own quite nicely against Daniel Day-Lewis. As did Dillon Freasier.

  • richard crawford

    Well, I thought DF quite good. Dano, I thought was terrible, but interestingly terrible.

  • jms67

    I think Paul is a good actor with a solid future. Was he over his head against DDL in TWBB? Of course he was. Just like ANYONE ELSE would have been.

  • nicestag

    He most definitely was robbed of a nomination for his role in TWBB. At least he was noticed at the BAFTA. For my money, he was – and don’t kill me here – the best thing about TWBB. I’m just saying…

  • I saw similar post three month ago. Topicality of this post sucks. Dude, you have to keep up to date.

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