diablohornysmall.jpgHere with your Daily Dose of Diablo, is The Huffington Post, apparently just catching up to the “price of fame” angle that we’ve been talking about for the past 4 months. Seems like there’s a “backlash to the backlash” now, with a new wave of haters hating on the original haters, and all kinds of huffiness about selling out and cashing in. Which has everybody tittering and all aflutter since it’s never happened before in the history of Hollywood.

“She always seemed like a rebel, a social rebel who now seems to have cashed in and joined the club. And I think what we’re witnessing is resentment to that,” said O’Neil, who noted that Cody’s raunchy backstory likely proved irresistible to Hollywood types who don’t get a chance to show their bohemian, darker sides in public.

Except for the Smoking Gun (we should all look this good in our mugshots, Shia). Or MSNBC (how much more bohemian can you get than Johnny Depp?) Or on the red carpet (ok, maybe not bohemian, but it’s fun to watch). Publicity junkies wish they could whip up a dark side as playfully bohemian as Cody’s. Or maybe they just wish their pimps PR people worked half as hard as hers have. The Cinderella story now has a Ruby Slippers slant too, with some sort of brouhaha still simmering over a pair of million dollar shoes.

“They’re using me to publicize their stupid shoes and NOBODY ASKED ME,” wrote Cody, who ultimately wore gold flats. “I would never consent to a lame publicity stunt at a time when I already want to hide.”

“…but hell. since that horse already trotted out the barn door, I might as well straddle the sucker and ride him bareback for a piece longer,” she forgot to add (with a strangely Sheriff Bell syntax and accent).

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  • richard crawford

    such a talanted girl, she is!

  • Rob

    I think Brooke Busey’s story teaches us that you haven’t arrived until you’ve won an Oscar and pissed off thousands of self-righteous film snobs.

  • Ryan Adams

    I don’t know anyone who cares enough to be pissed off, Rob. I hope the the tone of this entry makes it clear I think some people are taking all this way too seriously — and it’s not the “self-righteous film snobs.”

    I’m not too clear on your tone and meaning either, so I guess we’re even. (Is reminding us that her real name is Busey supposed to be some sort of jab — connecting her with the other Busey who splashed down loudly at the Oscars Sunday night?)

    She won. I don’t mind. I’m happy for her, if for no other reason than Juno beat Michael Clayton.

    I would’ve felt bad posting any more teasing remarks about Diablo Cody, so I didn’t — but I’d feel equally bad if I didn’t post a link to this very funny video someplace — for the self-righteous film snobs and, you know, anybody else with a sense of humor.

  • rob

    Sadly I do know people who care enough to be pissed off. That in itself may be a good definition of the word “snob”

    And I say Brooke, because Diablo has already become syonymous with all this hype and hatred. It’s all yarns and newspaper stories. She’s just a human being.

  • MarioBorroto

    Her rebel-turned writer angle is obnoxious to say the least. Good riddance Cody, you… won’t be remembered.

  • Ryan Adams

    Rob says:

    “It’s all yarns and newspaper stories…And I say Brooke, because Diablo has already become synonymous with all this hype and hatred. “

    Who started the stories, Rob? You make it sound like everybody is calling her Diablo out of spite.

  • Ryan: that self-effacing “Juno”/Diablo Cody video is hysterical!! Thanks for (re-?)posting. It makes me respect Ms. Cody (and her persona) a bit more.

  • jms67

    I’m not sure I understand the charge against Cody about “selling out.” Isn’t the goal to break into the business so you can be on the “inside” and get the great deals, and the great press, and Oscars? She did it, so good for her. I think she’s starting to feel bad that people can’t get over the stripper thing, but she’s gotta live with that. Bottom line: Let’s she what she produces in her next three major projects. Allow her the sophomore slump (if she has one), and evaluate from there. Then we’ll know if she’s any good, or just lucky. She does need to validate now. But the woman has talent. Juno proves it. There’s no getting around that.

  • Ryan Adams

    Michael Frechen,

    Is that video a repost for AwardsDaily?
    oops, I’ve been pretty busy all month Fucking Matt Damon
    (and then, on the rebound, Fucking Ben Affleck), so I might’ve missed it.


    Thanks for classing up the joint with your very wise and cool-headed comment.

  • Awesome! Ahahaha! Stop it, you’re killing me! Anyway, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this is great.

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