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Will She Apologize to Harrison Ford?

I don’t know if many caught the awkward moment where Diablo Cody snatched the winner’s envelope out of poor, stoned Harrison’s Ford’s hands as the actor was trying to console her or congratulate her or something – but Ms. Cody, wrecked with tears and a slit-to-the-hips dress, simply rebuffed Ford. Cody, it has been announced, will write a memoir about her trip from the midwest as she became a blogger, quit her marketing job to create the Diablo brand (blogger/stripper turned screenwriter). She will write about her experiences on the road to Oscars — something tells me Ms. Cody will have her revenge on the haters. ONTD posts the USA Today story:

Cody doodles again: Diablo Cody, who walked away with an Oscar for best original screenplay for Juno, has gone from critical and alternative darling to blogosphere-backlash bait overnight. Consider it juicy fodder for the stripper-turned-screenwriter’s next book. Cody, who flashed tattoos and a leopard-print gown at Sunday’s ceremony, will re-live her Hollywood triumphs ‚Äî including Oscar night ‚Äî in a new, untitled memoir due from Gotham in 2009. “It’s about a geeky girl from the Midwest who moves to Hollywood and her adventures writing screenplays,” says Gotham’s Beth Parker. This will be Cody’s second memoir. Her first, Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper (Gotham, $14, paperback), recounted her days in a Minneapolis strip club.

I find the whole “Oscars through the eye of a hipster blogger” thing a little unsettling, I’m not sure why. It freaks me out. Maybe it’s just too close to home or maybe it’s really an “us and them” type situation. Either way, looking at Cody’s MySpace with her Oscar and her caption of the nominees labeled “nominizzles” is just so strange.