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Ubiquitous Actors – Where Will They Pop Up Next?

Nathaniel R. has done a write-up of those familiar faces we might be seeing more of in the coming year. I love his choices and we must never underestimate the power of a really good publicist.

Emily Blunt is a tease. She glided down the stairs in just a man’s dress shirt and her skivvies in Charlie Wilson’s War (yowza) and then *poof* disappeared from the movie, leaving you wanting much more. As the top hat top girl on the new Vanity Fair Hollywood cover the year looks promising. First up is a co-starring gig with another cover girl Amy Adams in Sunshine Cleaning. She also has a supporting role in The Great Buck Howard an indie with John Malkovich as an over the hill entertainer. Most importantly, if Oscar history is any indication, she’ll be enjoying an awards run next winter for the biopic The Young Victoria (previously discussed here) in which she plays… well, you’ve already figured that out. Oscar does love a royal. But… they don’t always love younger queens. We’ll see.

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