It’s a little annoying that they make you click on each movie to get their reasoning but hey, it’s all about pageviews, right? Of Cinematical’s Top Ten, Wall-E and Indy and maybe Speed Racer are movies I’d shell out dough for. Otherwise, meh. Don’t you just know exactly what you’re going to get? Summer movies have become so formulaic – I know, news flash! But really, I walk in expecting to be surprised and I rarely am. But Wall-E has my attention in a big way.

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  • RRA is Your Savior

    Bad Sasha, BAD! How can you not be interested about THE DARK KNIGHT?

    I mean, a 3 hour violent, fucked up last picture of a dead movie star is formulaic?

  • Sasha Stone

    Yeah, I know. Just not. I love Heath but the Dark Knight just isn’t my thing. I’m unhip, I know. It’s pathetic, really.

  • RRA is Your Savior

    But SPEED RACER is?

    Besides, you’re a woman. You are turning down Bale in a tight rubber suit?

  • Sasha Stone

    I know, I know. I’m not sure why it puts me off – maybe it’s the sad Heath thing. And you KNOW how much I love Christian Bale. I’ll see it but I’m not that happy about it.

  • RRA is Your Savior

    Sasha, I can totally understand that feeling. I still remember as a kid when Brandon Lee was killed, and even worse when Chris Farley overdosed.

    What I hope is that Heath Ledger does indeed hits this fuck Joker out of the park this side of a homerun, and get an Oscar nod. Who knows, maybe he’ll pull a Peter Finch and win one from the grave. God knows he’ll one-up James Dean on that aspect.

    Hell, I’m just glad his last project is actually being finished.

  • DBibby

    I’m totally with you on the Dark Knight front, Sasha. I’ll see it and I hope Heath’s good in it, but the last one didn’t do anything for me and I don’t expect this to either. Wall-E on the other hand- can’t wait!

  • RRA is Your Savior

    Fair enough you two…but SPEED RACER?

    Not to be a jerk, but I could see why you all, including me, would go see WALL-E or INDY IV, and I don’t need to explain why exactly.

    But Sasha, why interested in RACER?*

    *=Which really has the potential to either be retardedly ADD-inducing, or a fun cartoon magna headache.

  • Vertigo

    Can’t wait for Wall-E!
    I have a feeling I may cry. Or feel very warm and fuzzy. In a highly intelligent way.

    Looking forward to Ironman more than Speedracer.

    And, seriously, I am tense waiting for the Dark Knight. I know, I know… I do get the HEath thing.
    At first, after his death, I wondered if they’d even release the picture now. But of course they must. Its gonna be hectic watching it. Feels a bit cold to just let yourself enjoy it…

    But, you know, he made it so we’d watch and enjoy it…
    Its not like I get depressed watching Bette Davis movies. She’s dead, but she wasn’t when she made it. Ok, she died old..
    So its like watching a James Dean film.. just worse…
    It is kinda depressing.

    But i still can’t wait for the film. I’ll let it stand on its own feet and its own merits.

  • Vertigo

    Hancock looks pretty cool…
    And I’ll easily pay to see Steve Carell & Anne Hathaway on screen together running around in 60’s outfits…

  • Free

    Haha I hate to criticize you as well Sasha, but you’d pay money to see Speed Racer and NOT The Dark Knight? Oh God. The more previews I see of the former, the more I’m convinced it will be quite terrible.

    And why is everyone so interested in Wall-E? I feel like I’m in the only person on the planet only slightly interested.

  • Ryan Adams

    Speed Racer didn’t pique my curiosity until I found out Korean pop-star Jung Ji-hoon aka ‘Rain’ had a role. Now I’m a lot more interested. Is that wrong?

    Feeling most amped for The Dark Knight. But remember the George Clooney Batman suit with nipples? I’m wondering if Christian Bale’s edgier concept for the new Batsuit goes too far.

  • elessar

    As far as I’m concerned, here are the top summer movies, listed chronologically:

    Iron Man
    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
    The Dark Knight

    Sasha: I know Heath’s passing gives The Dark Knight way more additional darknessn than intended, but as I see it, Heath Ledger gave up so much to nail the role (including, possibly, his own life). To think any less of the film, or the fine people involved, is a dishonor to Heath’s memory. Whatever qualms you might have, follow your own philosphy and see the film with an open mind.

    RRA: you are so right about Speed Racer. It looks like a Joel Schumacher film, only without the homoeroticism. I didn’t even know the cartoon was real until the movie came about. I thought it was just a promotion for Geico. Anyway, I have a hard time seeing Speed Racer appeal to anyone outside of those who either grew up watching it or watched it while stoned in college.

    Free: Do you not feel something when you gaze upon Wall-E’s big eyes or hear his R2D2-esque voice? Do you not notice the range of detail given to the animation? If not, then that is why. BTW, maybe this will pique your interest: Thomas Newman is doing the score and Peter Gabriel is writing a song for it. That combo should be enough to excite anyone.

  • Alison Flynn

    LOL, Ryan. You kill me with your photo links.

    I’m not too interested in Speed Racer. But I was never into the show.

    Wall-E is at the top of my list. I’ll probably see The Dark Knight, but am not as excited about it as others are; but I second RRA’s prayer that Heath knocked the Joker out of the park and gets an Oscar nod. I’ll probably see both Robert Downey Jr. films because it’s Robert Downey Jr.

    And, of course, Indy was a childhood favorite. I will be at the movies to see Crystal Skull opening weekend.

  • RRA was Downey’s Dealer

    Elessar, the thing is, I think SPEED RACER will either be harmless fun or damn stupid. Watched the ole toon as a kid, but don’t have a real soft nostalgic spot for it that many adults do. To put it another way, with the Wachowski Brothers, its either go good like THE MATRIX or not so good like THE MATRIX RELOADED we’ll get.

    But there is appeal for RACER, and its the pre-18 year old range who grew up more on magna comics and toons from Japan than say my generation, who grew up with DC/MARVEL or whatever.

    Ryan Adams, well glad to see that RACER has the gay vote now. 🙂 Anyway, don’t doubt Nolan’s costume. Why? Because he’s the GODDAMN Batman.

    Off topic, but I so want IRON MAN to be good as well. Downey deserves to be a major movie star, right? I mean shit, remember how the clouds parted and the sun broke through when POTC practically made Johnny Depp an instant-greenlight movie star?

    Now HANCOCK is the one that I see getting its ass whipped like cookie dough, and its the advertizing campaign. It’s sold as an action movie, and yet…It’s not. If anything, unless I’m mistaken, its about an Uber-Man of a mortal God who beats Michael Bay on the Asshole Charts.

  • Free

    Elessar, you were right about two things: no, the eyes and voice don’t do anything for me, but weirdly enough, Thomas Newman does. When the hell is he going to win for a score?

  • Alan of Montreal

    I think Speedracer is going to induce seizures in a lot of people given its hyper-colourized production design. Aside from Speed Racer, I’m also not too interested in Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr’s never really done much for me except in Chances Are–yeah yeah, I know) or Tropic Thunder (which looks rather shrill to me). Pineapple Express based on the trailer alone has roped me in. I’m curious about The Happening, though I’m not one for lots of blood. I can’t remember what else is being released off the top of my head–but I have to say this weekend I am soooo looking forward to Baby Mama and Harold and Kumar (my asian bros).

  • Take those 10 films, subtract Hancock, Speed Racer, Tropic Thunder and perhaps Get Smart, and it would be a list I would like.

  • Speed Racer looks so bad it’ll probably be good. I’ll probably watch Iron Man and Tropic Thunder just because of Robert Downey Jr. Hancock is the one film that I’ll go out of my way to avoid. The trailer just looks God awful and that’s saying something because most Will Smith movies are God awful.

  • AJ

    I really want to see Wall-E, Indiana Jones, and (of course) The Dark Knight. To a lesser degree than those two Prince Caspian and Iron Man. I definitely want to see Speed Racer, not because I think it will be good, but because of the technical aspects. Basically the whole foreground and background in focus at the same time for the anime effect.

  • XanderLJ


    1) Dark Knight (The last one was easily the best BATMAN film for me. This one looks even better)

    2) Pineapple Express (Apatow is the new king of American film comedy)

    3) Indy 4 (don’t have my hopes up, but the trailer looks very interesting)

    4) Iron Man (Downey Jr.? Nuff said. Plus it has a GREAT trailer)

    Couldn’t care less about the others, though I might see TROPIC THUNDER because of Downey Jr.

  • Bill S.

    I think I’m the only person on the planet who’s looking forward to “The Happening.” Trailer looks cool — looks like Shymalan might have finally pulled his head out of his ass. Or maybe not.

    Indy 4, Dark Knight are my two top looking-forward to’s this summer.

    Saw the trailer for Hancock a while back — meh.

    Not crazy about Carrell but watched “Get Smart” incessantly in my youth, so I’m not sure.

    And, sorry, I’m so there for “X-Files.” Yeah, the show went downhill after season 5. I’m still plunking down the money to see it in the theater.

    Oh, and on the indie front, soooo looking forward to “Savage Grace.”

  • RRA got an “X” File at School

    You know Bill S., I actually hope the 2nd X-FILES movie is good, or at least it would be rather pleasant if it did capture the fun I had back in the day on friday nights, later sundays, with the Monster of the Week.

    I mean, who wasn’t freaked out with that Incest Family episode?

  • Alan

    I hope X-Files 2 also brings back the sense of humour that the series’ best episodes often had. The one involving the romantically-inclined shapeshifting plumber was one of the funniest things I’d ever seen.

  • X-Files…..ugh

  • Taraji

    I myself am not too Interested in the Dark Knight, It will probably be a good movie, but it probably will get a little depressing it’s just not what I’m in the mood for this summer. I will wait for the rental. That Being said I’m actually more interested in Wall-E, Hancock, Get Smart, Mamma Mia and yes Speed Racer. Everything else goes on my netflix queue.

  • Mario Borroto

    *yawn* None will be remembered in a few years, with the possible exceptions of Batman and Indiana Jones.

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