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The Wackness trailer (such as it is)


Andrew O’Hehir lists “The Wackness” as one of “10 to Watch from Tribeca,” and the New York Times names Mary-Kate Olsen as one of this summer’s “4 to Watch” in this 2008 Sundance Audience Award winner. Everybody is watching this movie, or telling us we should watch for it. Or having watched it, telling us how great it is.

We also hear that whoever cut this trailer captures all of the flakiness and none of the charm or vaguest clue of what it’s about.

Will “The Wackness” be this year’s Quirky Indie with Legs? Will it be this year’s Juno with flava? Will we be able to make heads or tails of it from this inscrutably wispy teaser? Hey Sony Classics, we get that it’s wacky, from um, the title. Back up a bit and drop a hint with another reason or two for seeing it, yeah? Not every moviegoer is as intrigued by wtf for wtf’s sake as AD readers.