Thanks to Cliff for pointing out the Australia trailer . It’s looking very epic, very plump, very camp. Who can resist that? Certainly not we here at Awards Daily. Here are some screen grabs.

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  • Mr. F

    I loved the trailer. November can’t come soon enough

  • sonnymoscoso

    Sasha, i think after the trailer you can definitly include AUSTRALIA in the best cinematography category, no questions asked

  • RichardA

    So, Nic is a giant?

  • Mondo points for using Ennio Morricone’s “Ecstacy of Gold” in the trailer (from Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo)!!!!

  • filmboymichael

    goosebumps….I’m there!

  • Ray Pickles

    definately looks like this is a front runner…has epic written all over it…be good to see Nicole nominated again

  • Cliff

    has all the look and feel of an old-school, classic romantic epic. let’s hope it’ll live up to all the pretense. this is one of my most anticipated movies this year!!

  • KarenA

    It was OK.

  • SeattleMoviegoer

    lush, romantic, bigger than life stars. i’m there. hope Baz doesn’t muck it up with his over-the-top indulgences (hated MOULIN). are you sure the music is Morricone? it sounded like Patrick Doyle’s music from HENRY V.

  • KarenA

    It exactly is, SeattleMoviegoer. My gosh, it’s when Henry is giving his St. Crispin’s Day speech. That was the best part of the trailer. The music. 🙂

    Listen here, the stunning speech and composition:

  • Proman

    Looks very generic, actually. I hope this does better than Cold Mountain and other such flicks.

  • Tim

    Great trailer. As others have said, looks epic. I’m not sure about Kidman, her face isn’t as…. expressive… as it used to be (for whatever reason *cough*).

  • Leone

    Hugh Jackman for best actor? Trailer’s looking like he has an emotional role. Agree on cinematography – film looks beautiful.

  • sartre

    It was cool to spy the young Christian Bale in the Henry V clip, appropriately cast as “boy”.

  • Free

    Didn’t get much from the trailer to go out on a limb and call this a contender, much less a frontrunner, but here’s to hoping Hugh gets his.

  • I’m actually surprised that it looks so good. I think this is the first time since The Hours I’ve been excited about a Nicole Kidman film.

  • Alfredo

    This has nothing to do with Australia other than the film I’m about to talk about has great cinematography and art direction and it hasn’t even registered on the radar. I’m sorry for posting this here but I have no idea where I else to share my knowledge about the film to my fellow ADers. The film I’m talking about is a little know film named “The Fall”. The synopsis as posted on the film’s official website is as follows:

    “Award-winning music video, commercial and film director Tarsem Singh (The Cell) creates a moving and seamless blending of mundane life in a 1915 Los Angeles hospital with a visually sumptuous fantasy world of exotic bandits, evil tyrants, dream-like palaces and breath taking landscapes…

    Languishing in a hospital, Roy Walker (Lee Pace) is a broken man in more ways than one… Roy befriends five-year-old fellow patient Alexandria (Catinca Untaru)…

    Roy launches into a story…what he describes as ‘an epic tale of love and revenge’ is so riveting to Alexandria that she will do whatever Roy asks in order to hear the next installment.”

    This film is visually stunning. It has elements of films like “The Princess Bride” with the story telling and humor but is much darker. Especially in the second half of the film. I cannot rave about this film enough. The actors are great all around. The child actress, Catinca Untaru is so freaking unbelievably adorable. You are hers from the moment you see her on the screen.

    I’m a little confused as to the eligibility of the film at this years Oscars since it is being labeled as a 2006 release but its only now getting a US release.

    So in closing, I urge anyone who lives in NY/LA to go check the film out.

  • Kholby


    I was already looking forward to this movie, but now… Agreed, November can’t come soon enough.

  • Alfredo, I hear you. I have not seen THE FALL at this point. (I’m a West Coaster that doesn’t currently live in LA.)

    But I am a huge Lee Pace fan and I’ve discussed THE FALL endlessly at my site CINEMATIC PASSIONS

    Like Alfredo, I’d encourage you strongly to at least look at the trailer, which is like nothing I’ve ever seen before in terms of its style and the bold flavourful colours inherent. Actually looks like much more like a painting than any film related product.

    THE FALL has received incredible reactions from a great many people who have talked about attending screenings at their individual sites. I’m out of the loop as far as that goes. I haven’t seen the film yet but I was so overwhelmed by the fabulous individualistic trailer that I’ve been spreading the word.

    Don’t pass this by. I think it’s going to be spectacular.

  • parker

    What crazy accent is Nicole attempting? “Stooory”. “Orz”?

  • Lady Marmalade

    Nicole (in the first scene) looks like Mrs Coulter from Golden Compass.

  • chris

    I think she’s supposed to be English

  • Tim

    Umm considering the film is called Australia and Nicole Kidman is Australian, wouldn’t that be her natural accent?…

  • chris

    Wikiipedia says her character is English. I didn’t think the accent sounded weird.

  • Daniel

    Almost looks like this year’s Atonement to me, for some reason.

  • Gaz

    @SeattleMoviegoer & KarenA: At LAST! People are spotting the correct music used in the last part of the trailer and giving it its due. I’m now amazed at the amount of people who recognise and adore Patrick Doyle’s piece ‘St Crispin’s Day’ from Kenneth Brannagh’s Henry V, as used from the 30sec mark till the end of the trailer. Talk about goosebumps. No doubt that alone is boosting interest. Craig Armstrong is slated to write the actual film score and he won’t disappoint. But Doyle’s first foray into movie scoring is still amazing.

  • David

    I bet this will be Sasha Oscar pony, ala CWW… if Tom O’Neil hasn’t beaten her to it and proclaiming it as his Dreamgirls/Sweeney Todd of 2008!!

  • brandon

    Best supporting actress – Catinca Untaru in The Fall. I think her performance should be categorized as the best acting technique ever. She can be a subject of study, seriously. Tarsem is a genius !!!!!

    Vote for her, please !

  • Louise

    the music from that trailer is “St. Crispins Day” from Henry V, but you’ll be shocked if you try to buy it on itunes that that particular track is album only….

    but does anyone know what music is being used in this trailer?
    especially at 1.12, 1.30, and 2.11?
    thanks a lot

  • Louise

    i heard david hirschfelder is doing the score. he did strictly ballroom for baz. i would have preferred a another appearance of craig armstrong, he and baz work well together. and he’s from glasgow- woopwoop! lol

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