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A Little More City

Katie Rich at Cinemablend has compiled a Sex and City geomap (I am not entirely certain whether this is an advertorial tie-in or just an organic story, either way…) that shows their readers exactly where the gals found themselves in Manhattan at various points during the show and film. Rich gives better “real life” options to visiting the famous locales, like Sarah Jessica Parker’s own residence rather than the stoop used for Carrie Bradshaw.

The SATC Angle: The show’s production actually used about five different stoops over its lifetime, but this was the one used most frequently, and the one that’s a stop on the infamous Sex and the City bus tour. You’ve seen Carrie trip up it, flounce down it, chat with Big and other boyfriends on it. You can’t actually sit on it– the residents have put up a chain discouraging rubberneckers just like yourself– but photos are possible. Be discreet about it though– the West Village is still just about the nicest neighborhood in New York, and you don’t want to go about ruining it, now do you? I have no idea if this spot will actually be used in the movie, but I’d say odds are good. What would a Carrie outfit be if you couldn’t see her emerge from her front door wearing it?

The Better, Real-Life Option: Like I said, you can’t sit on this stoop any more, and seriously, don’t even try. Perry Street, and most of the other streets in the neighborhood, feature rows and rows of buildings with stoops where you can probably rest for a minute or two without getting into too much trouble. One spot you probably can’t sit, though: Sarah Jessica Parker’s house, just around the corner on Charles Street. Something tells me she’s got a security detail that would make fast work of you, tired feet or not.