A little site called pdfscreenplays.net had a copy of Indy 4 (the original, supposedly, Frank Darabont version which was, supposedly, a WHOLE LOT BETTA than the George Lucas version) but their hosting company got hit in the face with some big-ass legal balls and now the site offers up this explanation:

So, the hosting company has taken the site offline because the Darabont draft of Indy IV

“was found to be consuming an inordinate amount of processor time, to the point of degrading overall system performance”.

But here’s the good news:

“In addition to the technical issues surrounding the site causing high load, there is the legal issues around redistributing other peoples work. Screenplays are a form of expression and protected by copyright law. Fanfiction is a fairly clear area – while it is a copyright violation, most copyright holders do not care to enforce their copyrights regarding fan-fiction. However, for the actual screenplays for major Hollywood movies that have been produced, the story differs considerably. Even without a complaint, we can’t allow you to host or link to unauthorized copies of such works.

I’m aware that this information is freely available on the internet, but I can also easily download the movies that these scripts are for from other sites on the internet. This does not affect the legality of the situation.

I’m sorry, but we won’t be able to continue hosting the pdfscreenplays.net.”

Oh, by good, I actually meant what the fuck. What about all of those other script sites? Hmm… I guess that’s what happens when you try to be visionary. I can assure you this isn’t the end.

‚ÄúKeep on beginning and failing. Each time you fail, start all over again, and you will grow stronger until you have accomplished a purpose – not the one you began with perhaps, but one you’ll be glad to remember.‚Äù – Anne Sullivan

In the meantime, you guys know how to find me. I’m the least hardest person to find on the internet.

Sheridan Cleland

UPDATE: Here’s what really happened in one of those moments of, “Gee, what could have caused that traffic spike?”: http://www.aintitcool.com/node/37049

Information wants to be free and we all know this will eventually be free and widely available. Perhaps they are waiting it out until box office is no longer an issue. Hm.

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  • RRA got Shawshanked in the Prison Yard

    You know, I respect Frank Darabont. His SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION is a masterpiece, THE GREEN MILE was pretty good, his THE MAJESTIC was a Capra-esque movie that didn’t quite work (but like another misfire of his, THE MIST, I respect was he was going for. Better to try something different unique and fail than be a Michael Bay or a Brett Ratner)……..

    But GODDAMN that script supposed INDY IV script of his, if its legit…it sucks.

    No, it blows too….and swallows.

    Seriously, if that script had been shot as it was, I am pretty damn sure you would still have the same amount of geeks cry about Spielberg raping their childhood as they are with the INDY IV that we got.

    So Moriarty of AICN….did he even read the damn thing, or assume that script was better simply because it was scripted by Darabont?

  • Sasha Stone

    I don’t know, RRA, I’m just wondering if sometimes these aren’t deliberate leaks like with Charlie Wilson’s War and Aaron Sorkin’s superior script compared to what was on film. I don’t know if Darabont would care or not, though. There is no guarantee, as you say, that it would have been better. Indy didn’t bomb so there is no real visible failure here.

  • sonnymoscoso

    i read the review link at aint it cool, and from what they say it seems a much better script, they clearly state the facts that made INDY 4 suck.
    1. NO MUTT, thank god
    2. OXLEY is not treated like a dog
    3. HENRY JONES SR. Cameo
    4. More character development in Marion

    I’ll stay with the darabont script without even reading it.

  • Ryan Adams

    What I hear about the Darabont script is that the dialogue was much better (it could hardly be worse.) Mutt is out, Dr. Jones Sr. is in. Which is nice to dream about, but wasn’t gonna happen for two reasons. (1) Sean Connery knows when to fold ’em, (2) and Lucas needed somebody with a normal-size prostate for future franchise milking.

    Same aliens (though I hear one had a chat with Indy in Darabont’s version, which might’ve been campy enough to be cool), same bouncing Fridgidaire, same basic silliness. There’s supposed a plane crash scene that might’ve been good. But could it have been better than Mutt-Tarzan swinging on vines or the anti-Commie-monkeys? We’ll never know.

    Both versions reveal the sad truth: All that talk about waiting 20 years for the perfect script was a pile of Jar-Jar-Binks dung.

  • Sasha Stone

    Oh so the aliens are in the Darabont one too? Oh. 🙁

  • sonnymoscoso

    yeah sasha, the aliens are in the darabont too, but they also mention that in the darabont script this are MEAN aliens, like really fucking mean, not extravagant and interesting and that was gonna give a little darker tone to the movie, thats why they problably went with the lucas script with monkey, tarzan and all that crap. ohh and they say the ending was a little different dont know how different, but anything would have been better…

  • RRA is a Rat

    Oh sonnymoscoso…..

    Try Dr. Henry Jones Sr. singing “Fly me to the Moon.”

    I shit you not. Still want to rely on blind faith?

    Oh and Ryan….guess what Indy’s opening line is?

    “Damn Kids”

  • sonnymoscoso

    wait… i havent read the script so im not saying is good, i just know ANYTHING would have been better than what lucas and koep wrote

  • RRA saw CRUISING……”Pacino gets Fisted”

    sonny, I know how you feel. You hope that the crap you saw on the big screen was something cool before the rewrites and what not, and since this is Frank Darabont……..it had to be good, right?

    Thing is, his script is toss-up with the INDY IV we got in a debate over what’s better.

  • sonnymoscoso

    yeah, i guess ill have to read and see, either way i think it will still suck, all because of the aliens story… so if its the same story it might be more entertaining but, lame never the less

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