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Busy Lawyers, Heavy Balls

A little site called had a copy of Indy 4 (the original, supposedly, Frank Darabont version which was, supposedly, a WHOLE LOT BETTA than the George Lucas version) but their hosting company got hit in the face with some big-ass legal balls and now the site offers up this explanation:

So, the hosting company has taken the site offline because the Darabont draft of Indy IV

“was found to be consuming an inordinate amount of processor time, to the point of degrading overall system performance”.

But here’s the good news:

“In addition to the technical issues surrounding the site causing high load, there is the legal issues around redistributing other peoples work. Screenplays are a form of expression and protected by copyright law. Fanfiction is a fairly clear area – while it is a copyright violation, most copyright holders do not care to enforce their copyrights regarding fan-fiction. However, for the actual screenplays for major Hollywood movies that have been produced, the story differs considerably. Even without a complaint, we can’t allow you to host or link to unauthorized copies of such works.

I’m aware that this information is freely available on the internet, but I can also easily download the movies that these scripts are for from other sites on the internet. This does not affect the legality of the situation.

I’m sorry, but we won’t be able to continue hosting the”

Oh, by good, I actually meant what the fuck. What about all of those other script sites? Hmm… I guess that’s what happens when you try to be visionary. I can assure you this isn’t the end.

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In the meantime, you guys know how to find me. I’m the least hardest person to find on the internet.

Sheridan Cleland

UPDATE: Here’s what really happened in one of those moments of, “Gee, what could have caused that traffic spike?”:

Information wants to be free and we all know this will eventually be free and widely available. Perhaps they are waiting it out until box office is no longer an issue. Hm.