ONTD has posted some photos originally posted on The Socialitelife of the filming of The Soloist with Robert Downey, Jr. and Jamie Foxx. It’s based on the LA Times writer Steve Lopez’ book, The Soloist: A Lost Dream, an Unlikely Friendship, and the Redemptive Power of Music.

It is, of course, too early to tell anything but if a picture were worth an Oscar…Foxx is looking that way with that makeup and in that part – it could either be the best thing or the worst thing – he’ll have to do more than impersonate Ray Charles this time around (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Directed by Atonement’s Joe Wright, script by Erin Brockovich writer Susannah Grant.

More pics after the cut.

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  • Free

    I would have to disagree with the idea that all Foxx did was impersonate Charles. I didn’t watch a single frame of him in the film and think it was an actor playing Ray. I thought he was absolutely believable.

  • RRA is blind to the Truth….

    I thought RAY itself was a well-made average movie, but yeah Foxx probably did deserve his Oscar. Too bad he apparently became a prima donna dickhead from that success (if the set reports on MIAMI VICE are to be believed.)

  • ladylurks

    I’ll be interested to see how Joe Wright handles such an L.A.-centric story. Although maybe it will partake less of a specific time and place in his hands. I thought the book was very interesting, but Wright’s lush sentimentality seems at odds with Lopez’s understated, factual reporting. Still, I’m hopeful.

  • Robert Downey, Jr. might be closer to Oscar’s radar with this if he’s clearly the *supporting* character. Hollywood is very bullish on him right now in a way that recalls Johnny Depp about five years ago; many thought he should have been nominated for the wholly Academy-ignored Zodiac and between that and Iron Man’s extraordinary popular and critical success, AMPAS could definitely be looking to reward Downey, Jr. for his stellar “comeback,” so to speak.

    Supporting players tend to fare better in message movie dramas like this, besides, and Jamie Foxx already has his Oscar and this is really his first opportunity for gold since Ray (Paramount/DreamWorks was pushing Eddie Murphy all the way for Dreamgirls even though I ironically think Foxx was superior in it, as was the brief appearance of Danny Glover, though I don’t think anyone including Jennifer Hudson was actually “Oscar worthy” in that).

  • Joe Wright get fantastic performances out of his cast. If he can beat down Foxx ego, I am sure another Oscar nom is not far away. I read an interesting article where he talks about his mother and how she suffered from schizophrenia (Total Film?). Oscar can be very sympathetic

  • Student of World

    oh please if anyone did just an impersonation it was cate blanchett in the aviator

  • Sasha Stone

    Thanks for proving my point, Student. Even if you don’t think it was impersonation, and I don’t think it was everyone will always say it was — ditto for Philip Seymour Hoffman. I thought Jamie Foxx was great.

  • Euan

    I understand that he may be an OK actor, but is it not incredibly shameless to basically beg for an oscar (nom) with such an overtly baity role, after previously bagging the award for a performance that was even more desperately blatant in its desire for oscar, without attempting to form even a semblance of a credible career outwith those two roles?
    But hey, i guess it worked for Hillary Swank.

  • Student of World

    But he has tried to assemble a credible career, he was great in Collateral, Ali and the tv movie where he played Stan “Tookie” Williams. He was in Dreamgirls and Jarhead (which had the ability to be great but fell at the waste side). It’s not like’s doing films like P.S. I Love You and The Reaping and occasionally busts out a good film. You win some and you lose some. Besides before he did Ray no one outside of the comedy world was that familiar with him.

  • Sally in Chicago

    I thought Jamie was great in Collateral….and he absolutely nailed Ray Charles…for his other movies esp. Miami Vice, I thought he was OK, and the last one I saw him in was The Kingdom. He was just OK because the script didn’t call for any standout performances…the storyline was OK (the short quick history of oil in the M.E. was actually the real story)….Foxx is approaching 40, if he’s not already there, and has been around show business for about 20 yrs. and being black, the roles just are not there in abundance, unless he creates his own projects.
    Frankly, I would like to see him back in comedy.

  • Euan

    OK, I take it back, to an extent. He hasn’t real lived up to much of the promise of those two great performances nearly 4 years ago, with his appearances (cameos to say the least) in two decent films, Jarhead and Dreamgirls, being outweighed by his staring roles in Miami Vice and Stealth. I understand it might be hard, but he had all of Hollywood at his feet when he was being over-lauded, surely it’s not impossible to string together a decent body of work.
    But anyway, we shall see where he goes with this one – if he does end up winning, I stand by my Swank comparison

  • Give credit, where credit is due. Jamie Foxx is one of the most talented people in his generation. What are we criticizing right now? That he has not been able to match one of his (or any persons) best years? He may never be able to match his performance in Ray. But, matching perfection is tough…It’s like asking Kobe Bryant to score 81 points again, or asking Jordan to win 20 scoring titles. It aint easy. He’s talented, and with the right roles, he is bound to give us a gem or two. But, I think it is unfair to measure all of his performances to Ray. Give him a break. As I see it, he’s given us the greatest performance of his career. That’s all I can ask from an Actor.

  • RRA froze Han Solo in carbonite

    Euan, whoa whoa don’t hold STEALTH against Foxx.

    If I remember right, he did STEALTH as one of those jobs back before he was a “star,” but much less a leading man….I think he even shot STEALTH before RAY, but the latter came out first…..

    And so you had SONY having to abandon the marketing campaign’s focus on the hero Josh Lucas* and entirely on Foxx…even though his character gets killed half-way through, because he played the hero’s pal that gets sacrificed to add drama this side of fuckin Goose from TOP GUN.

    Yeah, sorry I spoiled STEALTH, but with Rob Cohen, you aren’t missing anything.

    *=Remember when Hollywood actually thought he was leading man material, that he could be a star? Its bad when Slate Magazine called you the new Steve Guttenburg.

  • Student of World

    Jarhead and Dreamgirls were hardly cameos. A cameo doesn’t give you top billing in Dreamgirls. And Michael Mann who directed him in Ali and Collateral directed him in Miami Vice. Could you blame him?

  • Mario Borroto

    If Foxx can pull off a great performance in this film he will prove he is an actor of substance rather than a fluke.

    I am not holding out for the overall film to live up to any of its performances though. Just about the only thing Joe Wright can do exceptionally well is move a camera around. He has a long way to go before he can pull off works as ambitious or penetrating as There Will Be Blood and No Country For Old Men, his main contenders last year. Films that leave you engulfed in their world for quite some time and are difficult to shake off aren’t just a product of good writing…

  • razor

    Euan,Jamie Foxx is an ok actor? ok your entitled to your oponion but who’s career have you been following? I’m not just talking about his obvious best perfprmance,RAY,Callateral,Stan”Tookie” Williams(Ray in which the actor of all actors Daniel-Day Lewis said in a article that I read a few years ago that it was one of his favorite performance that he’s seen in years)If you look at his performance in Ali,and it might not have been oscar worty but he was more than adequate in Jarhead.Like someone mention on this page not every movie that someone makes is going to be a blockbuster or academy award contender a lot has to do with the director,script,etc. etc.Hey Micheal,as far as Foxx,s ego don’t believe everything you read because I’ve heard just the opposite of what your saying.I heard he was a very down to earth humble man,in a Men’s Health article written in the september 2007 issue he had mentioned himself,how he tries to down play his success and how when he arrived on the Miami Vice set he said people thought that he would act diffrently being that he won the oscar but he stated that he came to the set his same old self.So the “ego stuff stuff” I’ve been an avit follower of his career and I’ve never heard that about him.

  • Jen

    I hope this movie is good. I’m already really excited about, having read the book (which you should read, if you can get your hands on it), and being a huge Robert Downey Jr. fan.

  • Michael C

    Here’s the film’s official website:


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