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The Dark Knight, AD Reader Reactions

Happy TDK Day! We’ll call this The Dark Knight Caf√©, and throw it open to general discussion and random reactions from AwardsDaily readers. Who saw the movie overnight? Who saw it in IMAX? Who’s seeing it with a big group of friends and who’s taking a TDK “sick day”? Let us know who plans to see it more than once this week, and who plans to wait till the crowds thin out. Tell us about your favorite scenes and biggest surprises. Disappointments and grumbles, too. Yes, this topic might be a toxic spoiler zone so we should warn about any big reveals (for the protection of innocent citizens stopping by for a cup of TDK Espresso Macchiato topped with a foamy bat logo.)

How about if all those who’ve seen it rate the movie with a numerical score? We’ll keep a running tally and figure the average AD rating every few hours. (Brave detractors can see how it feels to get swarmed by a colony of rabid bats). For those who’ve been anticipating TDK for months, now’s the time to set aside overly-psyched expectations and revel in the batmania. (Anybody having trouble clearing their heads of the hype can click here for a quick dehypification.)