When stalked in the woods by shadowy maniacs, do NOT hide under the only street light.

  • elephants

    Kathryn Bigelow links elephant slaughter and terrorism

    “Even though you only bought a trinket, you paid for something bigger.” –…
  • One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

    Just in time for theaters packed with sniffling brats snotting all over germy arm rests, s…
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  • Brilliant.

  • Kholby

    I love the Tag Ryan…ahhh humour!

  • RichardA

    True. Also, don’t do the basement.

    Speaking of thrillers, I cannot wait to see Tell No One. They loved it in France! I’m hoping I’d love it too. Thrillers are so … thrilling?

  • noor

    RichardA you will love Tell No One, it is one of the best thrillers I have ever seen.

    Eden Lake seems to have taken the concept from the French thriller Them (which was very terrifying), which was loosely based on a real story.

  • Man, that’s awesome. Much better tag line than the one on the poster.

  • Alternate tag line:

    Momma told her if she left the house wearing that dress she’d be asking for trouble.

  • kholby

    the tagline reminds me of funny games… Man that movie angered me. All the super long unending completely still camera scenes. I had seen other hanake movies… Well, cache, so I sort of new what to expect stylistically, but it was infuriating… That being said I sort of kinda liked it.

  • She should probably check for ticks.

  • RichardA

    The print on her dress? Moss camouflage. I hope it works.

  • RRA skinny dipped in Eden Lake

    Off topic, but I rented THE RUINS, and I tell ya I’m goddamn sick and tired of Hollywood Horror continuously letting me down like my Miami Dolphins yearly.

    I mean what pisses me off even more about RUINS is that like last year’s 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, there is a good movie to be made from this material, but Jesus Titty Fucking Cadillac-Driving Christ, they’re both directed by unconfident uninspired hacks.

    Seriously, imagine either shot by say John Carpenter in the 80s, as both books seem suited for. Both would have been surely good, right?

    But alas, Hollywood Horror strikes out again, and their last movie that intrigued me was Gore Verbinski’s RINGU remake….

    They have some serious problems.

  • rm

    Veribinski’s Ring was horrible. It misunderstood everything that made the original a masterpiece. Everything they changed, they changed for the worse.

    But you can thank Ehren Krueger for that. Every script he ever wrote has been horrible. Yet, they keep letting him write them… It’s a joke.

    The Ring was terrifying because of all the answers it didn’t give, because you never saw Sadako’s face, because a real girl came out of the TV. In the American version, they flaunt her face, they try to answer everything AND they let a CG woman crawl out of the TV in broad daylight in a big, open studio (that scene was one of the creepiest scenes ever put on film in the original because it took place in a small appartment AT NIGHT with the young girl herself actually crawling out of the TV – WHAT’S UP WITH THAT CG WOMAN IN BROAD DAYLIGHT THAT SHOWS HER ROTTEN FACE!!!?)

    Bad, bad, bad… And don’t get me started on the sequel…

  • RRA paid $300 for his college RING

    rm, yeah I do agree with you that RINGU is a superior version, and I think most viewers who’ve seen both versions would agree with you….

    But I think there is some merit to Verbinski’s remake, even if it may have suffered for trying to make a giant-ass mystery out of nothing.

    Plus, that CGI climax was hokey, and I don’t mean “hokey 50s monster movie good” but “just fucking hokey.”

    But that one shot in the closet in the remake did make me jump, and horror movies don’t make me jump in nature. So I give it credit there.

    So yeah, I’m with rm: If you have to see one version of RINGU, see the goddamn original.

  • Daniel

    Re noor and the French movie “Them”:
    That’s exactly what was said about the recent movie “The Strangers” (Which, incidentally, wasn’t bad for a Hollywood horror movie, but wasn’t all that good either; worth seeing, though). How many times are we going to see the same concept?

    One thing I did recently that I should never, ever, EVER have done to myself is rent “Shutter.” Why did I do it? I cannot say. Needless to say it was just as bad, if not worse than, all the other recent remakes of asian horror movies. I did think “The Ring” had some merits, enough for me to enjoy it. It wasn’t all that bad. The first “Grudge” movie also wasn’t as bad as I assumed it would be, though nowhere near the original “Ju-on” movies. Though, if you want to learn how to climax a horror movie, The Grude is the one to see.

    Whatever happened to horror movies that are actually scary and of good (award-worthy) quality at the same time like The Exorcist, The Shining or Psycho?

  • rm

    I actually think the original Ringu is up there with Psycho, The Exorcist and The Shining… Best horror movie of the last two decades.

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