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Poll: 2008 Oscar Hopefuls

Fierce chart you guys devised here. All the more impressive when you consider that these are the results of a poll we took on Feb 27th, three days after this year’s awards (when you were all hung over on whiskey and SunnyD). Pulled this out of the archives when I read Jason Darby’s fine article a few days ago, to see how his five Best Picture choices synced up with what we were thinking 6 months ago. Jason’s five choices match up with the poll’s top six (He places Milk over Doubt), with the only omission being The Dark Knight. Blame me for that, for not having the imagination to include it in the poll. (Though we made up for the neglect 3 days later, with another poll called Blockbusters with the Best Buzz where TDK topped the list.

We know a lot more now than we did in February, and a few things have changed (we probably won’t see The Reader this year.). A good time to take another measure of our gut feelings? I think so. For the purpose of this fresh poll, here’s how I’d like to phrase the question: “Which five movies will come away with the highest total number of Oscar nominations?” Don’t think exclusively about Best Picture for this survey, ok? Make your choices in terms of which films will carry the biggest bundle of nominations across the board, in any category.

To save space on the main page, the actual poll is waiting after the cut. Vote for 5 titles, but please restrict your selections to no more than 5. Which five films will score the greatest number of noms? In the comments, you can be more specific if you like. Itemize or let us know your predicted tallies. (i.e., Revolutionary Road – 9, The Dark Knight – 8, Australia – 7, etc.)