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Viggo Mortensen in ‘Good’

(Official trailer)

Adapted from a play by Glaswegian playwright C.P. Taylor.

His most successful work was probably Good (1981), in which a liberal German professor Halder whose moral cowardice and subtle corruption leads to his involvement with the Nazi war machine and Auschwitz, in the world of the Third Reich (the title is of course ironic: Halder always see himself as a ‘good man’ even as he is drawn further and further into Hitler’s nightmare).

Good was first staged by the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Donmar Warehouse in September 1981, when Alan Howard won both the Evening Standard Award and the Plays and Players Best Actor awards for his performance as Halder. (wiki)

First major feature film by director Brazilian Vicente Amorim, and premiering at TIFF. Poster and stills after the cut. (Thanks to Paul Outlaw for the tip)