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Adapted from a play by Glaswegian playwright C.P. Taylor.

His most successful work was probably Good (1981), in which a liberal German professor Halder whose moral cowardice and subtle corruption leads to his involvement with the Nazi war machine and Auschwitz, in the world of the Third Reich (the title is of course ironic: Halder always see himself as a ‘good man’ even as he is drawn further and further into Hitler’s nightmare).

Good was first staged by the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Donmar Warehouse in September 1981, when Alan Howard won both the Evening Standard Award and the Plays and Players Best Actor awards for his performance as Halder. (wiki)

First major feature film by director Brazilian Vicente Amorim, and premiering at TIFF. Poster and stills after the cut. (Thanks to Paul Outlaw for the tip)

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  • Andre

    I think Vicente Amorim is from Portugal, actually.

    I don’t know why, but I1m just NOT excited about this film. Bring on Appaloosa!

  • Wait until you see his nude bath house fight with Hitler.

  • Could be, Andre. Born 1966, Vienna, Austria. But grew up in Brasília and Rio de Janeiro according to the IMDbible 😎

    I was only basing my guess on movies he’s worked on previously as assistant director: Bosso Novo, and the very cute Tieta do Agreste, with Sonia Braga.

    (lol @ nude bath house fight, Craig! And usually those make my tongue loll instead of lol.)

  • Alison (the other Alison)

    I wasn’t originally a fan of Mortensen’s work, but I’ve been completely won over (who hasn’t?). This looks like a great season to watch Viggo at work with three very different, very interesting movies: Good, Appaloosa, The Road. He’s really establishing his reputation as a versatile actor. I like watching the choices he makes within the movie as well.

  • I’m glad they kept the trailer music at a low volume so we could focus on the words and faces. The middle of the track was beginning to sound like The Dark Knight overture. Nazis on Batpods rumbling along Lower Wacker Drive.

    This looks good though. The adaptation doesn’t seem the least bit stagey. Is it wrong to feel that Viggo makes an SS uniform look pretty damn hot?

  • RRA is a Good Boy

    Ryan, yes its WRONG…like those middle-aged Jewish white-collar guys who get their sexual kicks by being whipped by a S&M Dominatrix chick dressed like a Nazi concentration camp guard (some shit you just can’t make up!)


    Anyway, GOOD looks…..well….ah fuck it, it looks Good.

  • sonnymoscoso

    sorry but the dark knight score didnt let me focus on the trailer… why would they use a score so obvious?
    i hope the score doesnt become someting like the clint mansel score for requiem for a dream, that they use now even for detergent advertisement….

  • (thanks, sonnymoscoso. I thought I might be imagining things. Some net kids have pointed out that the music at the end of the Appaloosa trailer is the same as Gone Baby Gone, Syriana, and Pride and Glory. But I didn’t read that until after I’d found a download.)

  • SeattleMoviegoer

    forget VALKYRIE, this is the Nazi movie i want to see this fall.

  • Pierre de Plume

    Mortenson endows every role he plays with authenticity. Whether he hits a home run or not, he’s always true to the character.

  • 2006 was supposed to be the Year of the “Good” Film, what with A Good Year, The Good German and The Good Shepherd. 2008 is just Good.

  • Andre

    oh, he grew up in my city! cool!

    I probably confused him with someone else, then…

  • Daniel

    Wait, where was Viggo in that trailer? Oh, he looks like a completely different person AGAIN!?
    This looks exciting. Can’t wait, maybe this year will be Viggo’s year!

  • Question is, with Valkyrie and Defiance, will this get a 2008 release in the US? Will depend on what happens in Toronto, I guess. (Thanks for the shout-out, Ryan.)

  • PR

    I think that Mortensen is a very good actor! He deserves an Oscar!!


  • Is that Viggo Mortensen or Zac Efron? You people demanded he moisturize, and now look what you’ve done.

  • haha! Marshall, Viggo could’ve starred in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and spanned decades with no need for makeup or special effects!

  • RichardA

    It’s Papa Malfroy!

  • Mariana

    Amazing trailer and very interesting storyline. I adore Viggo but I must say I’m much more excited about Jason Isaacs being in the movie than Viggo, actually – Mr. Isaacs happens to be one of my top 3 favourite actors.

    I hope “Good” gets released in Brazil; I hate it when awesome movies don’t make it to the Brazilian theatres.

  • Trevor Guys

    It looks amazing and WILL be amazing!! Viggo is such a master and I can wait to see this film!!

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