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Predictions Chart Winners

Here are the high scorers off the Big Bad Predictions Chart. I was especially impressed with both Damien Bona and Kris Tapley’s great predictions. Kris led the charge on Departures and you can bet that smart money will be on him next year. Damien Bona is the only one who got all three short films right. Has that ever happened? Amazing. Those of you who stuck to Sean Penn, you were right on the money too. Kris says that he is at his best when taking his heart totally out of it. We try to do that with our “most likely” but even that score wasn’t as high as Kris’ or Damien’s. Congratulations to them.¬† We will have your contest scores a bit later.

The high scores
Damien Bona – 21
Kris Tapley – 21
Dave Karger – 20
Alfonso Magana – 20
Nat Rogers – 20
Mark Bakalor – 19
Daniel Kenealy -19
Adam Lucyk – 19
Oscar Frenzy – 19
Ryan Adams – 18
Scott Feinberg – 18
Anne Thompson – 18