The winner of Awards Daily’s first place prize is Joseph Vosti, with a score of 23.
The second place winners are Christopher Dickie and Mike Cersosimo, with a score of 22.

Congratulations to you two. Please send an email with your name and mailing address to awardsdaily to claim your prizes. And if you think a mistake has been made, please email me.

The runners-up, with 21/20 points, after the cut.

Patrick Simone
Albert Taylor
Allen Reichert
Kim Schwannecke
Jamie Hindes
Luis Caceres
Jeremiah Hernandez
Brett Donaldson
Neil Griffiths
Dan Rader
Mark Davey
Jennifer Boulden
Nicholas Hunt
Andrew Sperling
Janelle Smith
Freddy Mancilla
Arun Welandawe Prematilleke
Morten Egholm Nielsen
James Narvey
Andrew Levine-Murray
Siddhartha Srivastava
Karol Michalski
Josh Andrews

And those with 20 points (still great):

John King
Kyle Burns
Paul Jarnagin
Ellen Stewart
Paul Clifford
Earnghan Chan
Tipu U V
Travis Leamons
Brett Donaldson
Jonathan Wells
William Parsons
Dominik Pynchon
Katerina Charalambous
Ernie Powell
Michael McGauley
Alan Drew
Pat Dill
Hannah Brown
Jim Farmer
Jordan Van Brink
The Baumer
Nick Theodoss
Joddy Sch‰fer
Stephan Musfeld
Kelly Doucette
AJ Beckman
Greg Toy
Liam Engle
Andrew Taylor Nesse
Luis Caceres
Juan Manuel Reyes
Craig Wojtak
Dennis Holly
Uzo Ugochukwu
gerald granozio
Fidel Santiago
Claudia Rosenthal
Marco Santos
Chris Bosma
Diane Osborn
Giovanna Rea
Lorenzo Cusano
Ben Neal
Jojo Victor Rocha Micuanski
Paul Outlaw
Justin Nelson
Michael Schuller
Brian Warzak
Megan McLachlan
Brian Warzak
Michael Corriere
Chuck Williamson
N8 Wyman-McCarthy
Mike McGuire
Brian Kohut
Ben Raymond
guillermo polo
Jeff Steiner
Karol Michalski
Jamie Rosengard
Cliff Miu
Tiago Oliveira
Dave Law
Branko Coebergh
Adam Smith
Thomas Vogiatzis
Ian Mason
Roberto Triay Cuestas
Leon Murray
Jack Cortvriend
Jeffrey Kao
Fei Meng
Lea Maalouf
John Gilpatrick
Ned Daigle
Bernard Perry
Raquel Matta
Ben Puetz
Chun-hong Lee

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