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Contender Tracker – Oscars 2009


There aren’t many films that would be considered Oscar-worthy for the 82nd Academy Awards that have already been screened and/or reviewed this year, even with the ten slots opened up. There are many movies that feel Oscar-bound even though they haven’t opened and haven’t been reviewed by major critics.¬† I’m going to add the two actresses who came out of Sundance, Carey Mulligan from An Education and Mo’Nique from Precious. It gets tricky, though, with those films because they are likely going to have other nomination possibilities, like script or supporting actor or actress. It’s too early to tell.

But here is space for you to toss in your thoughts on who or what should be on that list right now. Some have already written me saying that Transformers has no shot in sound or that Michelle Pfeiffer should be on the list – here is a chance to put it all down, or up, for discussion.