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Amanda Seyfried in Chloe

Roger Ebert writes mysteriously about Chloe, saying that it reminded him of a movie but if he even says the title it will be a major spoiler — eroticism….Cat People? The Last Tango in Paris? The Sailor Who Fell From Grace with the Sea? Meanwhile, Amanda Seyfried may finally get people taking her more seriously — although fans of Big Love already know what she can do. She’s also great in Mamma Mia and in Mean Girls:

We expect [Julianne] Moore to be a consummate and fearless actress, and so she is. The surprise is Amanda Seyfried. This is not the kind of role she’s been playing: Bold, sensuous, intelligent. In this same Toronto festival, in “Jennifer’s Body,” she plays the victim and foe of a teenage demon (Megan Fox). She does a good job, but with “Chloe” you fully realize that here is an actress worthy of serious consideration.