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Awards Daily Top 100 of the ’00’s Project


The week the Times UK and The Telegraph both put together controversial lists of the Top 100 films of the decade. A worthy undertaking with interesting, if Brit-centric, results. I think we could assemble an alternative Awards Daily Top 100 of ’00’s that would beat both those two all to hell.¬† The question is, with that many titles to wrangle, not sure how best to go about it in a way that’s manageable.

Suppose we start out a year at time — maybe do a poll of the top 12 or 15 films from each of the past 10 years in sequence. Then combine the yearly lists into one grand poll at the end December to determine the final order.¬† 53 days left in 2009, so we’d need to poll for a different year roughly every 5 days. Would that project get in the way of the increasing Oscar drama, or be a stress-relieving distraction?

We could start suggesting titles for the best of 2000 right now, and measure the interest that way. As soon as we reach 30 titles I’ll put the first phase of the poll together. Combining the National Board of Review and AFI Top 10 lists from 2000, we have 5 overlaps and these 15 movies to start seeding the first poll, The Best of 2000:

Almost Famous
Before Night Falls
Billy Elliott
Best in Show
Dancer in the Dark
Erin Brockovich
High Fidelity
Requiem for a Dream
Wonder Boys
You Can Count on Me