Hitfix’s Gregory Ellwood reports that Sandra Bullock’s Oscar bid for The Blind Side opened in second place, right after New Moon:

Almost as remarkable was this weekend’s No. 2 release, “The Blind Side.” Many questioned whether another female skewing drama could generate any business opposite “New Moon,” but the Alcorn Entertainment/Warner Bros. release proved everyone wrong. Fueled by word of mouth, “Blind Side” opened to an unexpectedly high $34.5 million and is now Sandra Bullock’s biggest opening ever, besting “The Proposal” which found $33.6 million this past June. Don’t call it a comeback, she’s been here for years, but 2009 has massively rejuvenated Bullock’s career.

Besting The Proposal? One has to admit it is sort of a feat. Being well liked and keeping the Hollywood economy alive goes a long way, not to mention Bullock is not exactly a spring chicken anymore. Can voters forgive her for The Proposal and honor her for The Blind Side? Moreover, are we looking at a potential double nomination at the Globes thus ensuring her a nod at the Oscars?

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