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Golden Globes Contest Winners!

Okay, CONTEST REDUX — since there were questions about the results, I went back and did my count for a third time to ensure accuracy. And sure enough, there was an error on how I counted the form. I always do it twice to make sure but this time I should have done it a third time since the two times I had done it didn’t match. And so, here are the new re-tabulated results. If you would like to know your score, or feel that there has been an error, send me a message.

We have ONE winner and ONE winner only and her name is:

SusieQ — she only missed one category, believe it or not, and entered the contest on January 10th. With a whopper of 13 correct. So, SusieQ, congratulations. You are the Grand Prize Winner! Please email me for your prize.

Since I screwed up, I’ll still honor the prizes for the Second Place winners, with 12 points each:

Jason Travis, USA
Bill Nelson, USA
Luis Lara, Venezuela
Henrique Valente, Brazil
Wippar, USA

Now, the runners-up after the jump.

With 11–

Mark Sporleder, USA
Dawson aujesky-mckie, Canada
Lev Lewis, Canada
Michael Ross, USA
Michael Lewis, USA
Lane Evans, Canada
Ramon G. Mayora, USA
Justin Polly, USA

And with 10:

Cameron Harvey, United States
Brandon Wood, USA
George Pollard, USA
Svend Beecher, USA
Ben Gordon, Canada
Ken Graham, USA
Suthiwat Prakobthum, Thailand
nick funk, USA
J.Gascon, Spain
Damian, Argentina
Michael Toughill, USA
Boris Koch, Germany
Nickee, Indonesia
Arun Welandawe-Prematilleke, England
Zachary Freiesleben, USA
Michael Graham, USA
Dan Conley, USA
Howard Berry, USA
Marcelo Henn, Brazil
Rogis Trigo, Brazil
Brandon, USA
stevie g, USA
Seth Federman, USA
Leonardo Ugalde Cajiao, Costa Rica
Moisés Mata Cantera, Spain
Peggy O’Mara, USA
Dusty, USA
David Kirkindoll, USA
Matt Maerten, USA
Umur Tas, Turkey
Jose Luis Calejero, Spain
Bede Jermyn, Australia
Eric Granados, USA
Brandon Doggett, USA
Colm McDermott, UK
neil rappaport, USA
Jorge Padron, USA
Barb Chang, USA
Jayson Javier, Philippines
Adam Berard, USA
Brad Hudgins, USA
Ankit Gandhi, USA
Nauval Y. Indonesia
David-Squid, Canada
Doddi Jonsson, Iceland
Luis Burguete, Spain
Kerri Baker, USA
John Rainwater, USA
Jim Farmer, USA
Dario, Croatia
Hudson Dal Ben, Brazil
Pongsakorn Rungsuwannakit, Thailand
Shane Slater, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Nick Chacon, USA
Chad Gibson, USA
N8, Canada
kevin keane, USA
Chase Horton, USA
Ivica Alac, Czech Republic
Zachary Elioff, USA
roi khenin, Israel
felippe schirmer, Brazil
Bruce H. Newberg, USA
Dion Blackler, United Kingdom