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Reactions From Nominees

“I’m extremely grateful to Kathryn Bigelow for believing in this script when it was safer to believe in unicorns, and thankful to the actors for elevating it and making it sing, and last but not least Nicolas Chartier for putting his money up.” – Mark Boal, The Hurt Locker, Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay

“I am thrilled beyond words to be nominated with these talented and inspiring women. Being involved in a film as special as Up in the Air was a dream come true. I am overwhelmed and honored by this nomination and am so grateful to be able to share this experience with George, Vera and Jason.” РAnna Kendrick, Up in the Air, Best Supporting Actress

“The nomination hasn’t sunken in yet. I feel the way I do when I stub my toe and wait for the sensation to register; I just stared at the screen when my name was called. I received so many great messages from friends and family today. My mother Bettye’s call was particularly special. Even though I don’t remember exactly what she said, I won’t forget her enthusiasm. After the nominations were announced, I was also thinking of my father, Alphonse, a lot; and I just wish he were here to share this with us. He and my mother worked so hard for my two older brothers and me, as they invested so much in us. My brothers‚Äô influences were also a large part of today’s announcement. My oldest taught me about animation at an early age and our middle brother deepened my understanding of storytelling through our lengthy conversations on the topic. There were many, many things, and without the support of each member of my family, my name wouldn’t have been called today. I never knew that this film would even get made. I just knew that I cared about Precious and her journey so deeply.” – Geoffrey Fletcher, Precious, Best Adapted Screenplay

“To be directed by Clint Eastwood every day and to sit across the table from
Morgan Freeman and watch him do what he did was a dream come true. I’m so
grateful that this role came my way.” РMatt Damon, Invictus, Best Supporting Actor

‚ÄúThis is all so surprising (but welcome) my phone is red hot! On behalf of Anastasia and Caroline and myself I think I have to give many thanks to the Academy for this nomination, our design teams on both sides of the Atlantic who were so talented and committed, Terry for being such a wonderful taskmaster and Amy and Sammy for having such confidence to keep paying the bills. I’m so glad the movie was completed and received this way- it is a testament to Heath and Bill.‚Äù – Dave Warren, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Best Art Direction

“I was on the house phone with one friend, on my cell phone with another while an email with the news was coming in all at the same time. I think my neighbors may have heard me scream.  I am surprised, excited and truly honored to be recognized alongside such amazing filmmakers. This is absolutely amazing.” Anastasia Massaro, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Best Art Direction

“It’s an honor to work with such talented filmmakers, and I’m really proud of the skilled team of technicians working ’round the clock at O-scope. Watch out Harvey, it’s on now.” – Adam Yauch, head of Oscilloscope

“Here at OPS (The Oceanic Preservation Society), we made The Cove to start a movement to help save the oceans. The awards are really just the the collateral of trying to solve the issues. At OPS we‚Äôre trying to give the oceans a voice and awards amplify that voice. The Oscars are the ultimate platform, they are one of the most viewed programs in Japanese television. The Japanese Fisheries Agency and the Minister of Health have been trying to cover up the cove for decades, but now the secret is out. These issues can no longer be ignored. This is a great day for the wild.” – Louie Psihoyos, The Cove, Best Documentary

“I am proud and grateful to stand with these women who have given such a range of beautiful, indelible performances this year!!” РMeryl Streep, Julie & Julia, Best Actress

“Who would have thought after all these years that I would be experiencing this moment now . . . I certainly didn’t. But I am honored beyond words to experience this journey with John Lee Hancock and Gil Netter, and to continue this astounding ride with the extraordinary women I share this category with. My time with them these past few months has meant more than anything to me.” РSandra Bullock, The Blind Side, Best Actress

‚ÄúI‚Äôd like to thank the Academy for this extraordinary honor. Congratulations to Matt Damon on his nomination. I’m especially grateful to Clint Eastwood, Invictus producer, Lori McCreary, and the entire cast and crew of ‘Invictus.’ Most importantly, thank you to Nelson Mandela for his encouragement, his blessing and his friendship – without which, this film would not have been possible.‚Äù – Morgan Freeman, Invictus, Best Actor

I am very honored to have received an Oscar nomination for Fantastic Mr. Fox. Roald Dahl’s classic story has been one of my favorite books since I first learned to read, and it was an amazing experience to work with my many, many very skilled collaborators and bring it to life as a stop-motion film! I would like to congratulate Alexandre Desplat, who wrote our wonderful score, for his nomination as well. – Wes Anderson, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Animated Feature

“This is more exhilarating than I could have ever imagined. What a tremendous honor from the academy– a blazing stamp in the passport of an artist that can never be taken away and will always be cherished.” – Jeremy Renner, The Hurt Locker, Best Actor

“I would like to thank the Academy for this honor. As well as Terry Gilliam who took me on his wagon and came this far. The actors who wore the costumes so well and my crews in London and Vancouver. This is a tremendous moment for all of us!!!! Thank you again.” РMonique Prudhomme, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, costume design.

“I would like to thank the Academy for this great honor. For a designer, the challenge of doing a film about Chanel is like playing Shakespeare for an actor. I share this wonderful acknowledgment with our director: Anne Fontaine and our Coco: Audrey Tautou, and with my extraordinary costume team.”
– Catherine Leterrier, Coco Before Chanel, costume design