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VES Awards – Avatar Sweeps with 6

Thanks to Ladylurks who brings the following stat:

Avatar tied for second-most wins at VES
LOTR: The Two Towers – 7
Pirates: Dead Man’s Chest – 6
Avatar – 6

VES Winners

Visual Effects in Effects-driven Motion Picture: Avatar
Supporting Visual Effects: Sherlock Holmes (Avatar not nommed in category)
Outstanding models and miniatures in a feature motion picture: avatar
Outstanding matte paintings in a motion picture: avatar
Single Effect: Neytiri – drinking water from a leaf
Outstanding Compositing in a Feature Motion Picture: District 9 (!)
Outstanding Animation in an Animated Movie: Up
Effects Animation in an Animated Movie: The balloons in Up
Animated Character in Live Action Movie: Neytiri, Avatar
Animated Character in Animated Movie: Carl in Up
Outstanding Environment – Avatar wins for jungle/biolume (had 3 noms)