Deborah Carson of Toronto got 21 out of 24 points to win our Predict the Oscars contest!

Please send an email to Congratulations! The Hurt Locker for both categories threw her score over the top.

The runners-up with 20 points:

Bradley Sides, USA
Cameron McAllister, USA
Jorge Padron, USA
Joseph Williams, Canada
Nicholas Chung, Australia
Ryan Walker, Canada
Sarah El, USA
Will K., USA

Those with 19, after the cut.

Andrew Levine-Murray, USA
Andy Fraser, Australia
Andy Hwang, Australia
Anthony Covino, USA
Antonio Delli, Venezuela
Bruce H. Newberg, USA
Bryan Wier, USA
Catherine Oyster, USA
Chris Connelly, USA
Christopher Ehlers, USA
Clayton Davis, USA
Cody Dericks, USA
David Cossio, USA
Emanuel Macario Arredondo Gutiérrez, Mexico
george barclay, canada
gerald granozio, usa
Ian, USA
James Rosenzweig, USA
Jeremy Smith, Australia
john s bloomquist, USA
Jonathan Spuij, Netherlands
Jonathan Wells, USA
Jordan Cronk, USA
Jorge Tenreiro, USA
Jose Luis Calejero, Spain
Matt, USA
Mike Toughill, USA
Morten Egholm Nielsen, Denmark
Murtada, USA
Paul Bina, USA
Robert Schlueter, USA
Shaikh Ahmed, Canada
Shattered Glass, TURKEY
Sirida Srisombati, US
wandering bear, usa
Weliton Vicente, Brazil
Zac Petrillo, USA
Zach Rosenthal, USA
Ziyad Abul Hawa, Israel

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