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Spielberg bringing Jackie Kennedy biopic to HBO?

That was the rumor yesterday, and today the story inevitably evolves to casting speculation:

Spielberg is selling “Jackie,” a hot script about the late First Lady that’s making the rounds in Hollywood. Noah Oppenheim, the head of development at Reveille who’s also a journalist, author and former producer at the “Today” show has written the script, which examines the days immediately following the assassination of John F. Kennedy from Jackie Kennedy’s point-of-view. Spielberg is on board the project in a producerial capacity.

HBO is a lead contender to buy the script and would likely develop it as a film it could air on its network. Spielberg has a long relationship with HBO; the premium cable channel is currently airing the WWII epic “The Pacific,” which Spielberg executive-produced.

The life and death of JFK have been frequently visited on television with projects such as the 1983 NBC miniseries “Kennedy,” starring Martin Sheen. And three years ago, Emilio Estevez took on the aftermath of the events surrounding the RFK assassination at the Ambassador Hotel. A film from Jackie’s point of view, however, would be more rare. More as it develops.

Jeanne Tripplehorn admirably embodied Jackie O for Grey Gardens last year, but at age 46 she’s more than a decade too old to be playing 1963 Jackie. That’s why the suggestions at EW’s PopWatch of Diane Lane (45) and Joan Allen (53) are rather baffling. Sure they both look years younger than their actual age, but Jackie Kennedy’s regal demeanor in the ’60’s seems to me a polished facade masking a much more demur and fragile girlishness. Surely there are plenty of 30-something actresses who’d be a better match than the choices EW floats. I’m confident you readers can name the actress who’ll eventually land the role.

Looking at the photo above of Jackie Kennedy, age 30, I wonder if a certain elegant actress who’s now 24 (and convincingly played an ing√©nue ’60’s teenager last year) could stretch in the other direction and play a woman 7 years older? Should I duck before I name that actress, or dodge afterwards?