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Christopher Nolan: Inception is “a film with no limits”

Although mostly what we already knew from rumors, it’s good to hear it from the man himself:

I think it’s really a balance between creating intrigue about the movie, getting people excited to see something original, something different that they don’t know what they’re going to get. We have to start giving people a little bit of information, a little bit about what ‘Inception’ is.

We’re making a film that is a grand-scale action film. ‘Inception’ is about the world of dreams and the interior of the human mind. It’s about a guy played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who has a team of people who have access to a technology that allows them to enter people’s minds through their dreams. That allowed us to craft a film with no limits, a film that could take you anywhere and raise all different kinds of action scenarios, different realities, really play with the fabric of what constitutes a grand-scale summer movie.

We certainly tried to fuse some of the more intimate things I find fascinating about human beings and about human interaction and character with the grand-scale filmmaking we were doing on ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Batman Begins.’ (MTV Movie Blog)