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Daniel Day-Lewis as Charles Dickens?

UPDATE: Skeptical readers saw a few fishy things about this story that I failed to notice before dawn. (A) How the heck could Ben Whishaw and Daniel Day-Lewis be up for the same role? (B) How the fuckity-fuck can a novel called “The Invisible Woman” be transformed into a movie called “Out the Window”?

NEW THEORY: Maybe there’s adaptation of The Invisible Woman in the works starring Danial Day-Lewis. I hope so. Sounds like a good fit. But if there is, it has nada to do with Iannucci’s next project, Out the Window.

Guardian UK says Daniel Day-Lewis is considering the role of Charles Dickens in a biopic directed by Armando Iannucci (In the Loop).

The film, called The Invisible Woman and based on Claire Tomalin’s biography, shows a passionate secret love between Dickens and a young actress called Nelly Ternan, conducted while Victorian England’s most popular author espoused family values in his bestsellers.

Ben Whishaw is also said to be in the running.