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Emmys 2010: Ballots Available Today

How handy for the Television Arts Academy that the TCA nominations also go out today, as today is opening day for Emmy nominations.

The timeline is as follows (for the full timeline, click here):

June 4
Nominating ballots are posted on the Television Academy’s website

June 21, 5:00 PM
Deadline for returning the nominating ballots to Ernst & Young

July 8, 5:35 AM
Nominations are announced live from the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre

August 17, 5:00 PM
Deadline for returning at‚Äêhome judging ballots for Telecast Awards categories to Ernst & Young

August 29
NBC Telecast and Governors Ball

Between July 8 and August 17 the winners are determined, if I’m reading this correctly. I have removed the Creative Arts Emmys from the list.

The eligibility period was June 1, 2009 ‚Äê May 31, 2010.