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Welcome to Hans Zimmer’s inner sanctum

A few weeks ago reader jennybee sent me a link to this incredible look inside Inception composer Hans Zimmer’s lavish creative lair. These vignettes are from a beautiful site called Stuck In Customs, devoted to HDR photography (High Dynamic Range imaging that adjusts the contrast of shots to achieve the full spectrum of light and color perceived by the human eye, often resulting eerily hyper-real effects.)

On another musical note, The Wrap reports on a live concert to be performed at Inception’s premiere.

Composer Hans Zimmer and guitarist Johnny Marr will perform Zimmer’s music to “Inception” at a party following the film’s premiere on Tuesday, July 13. The performance will be backed by a 20-piece orchestra, and will stream live on Ustream.

Zimmer’s score to “Inception,” one of the elements of the film often singled out in early rave reviews, was recorded with the help of guitarist Marr, best-known for his stint in The Smiths. The original soundtrack album, “Inception: Music From the Motion Picture,” will be released the same day as the Zimmer/Marr performance.

The concert can be heard live Tuesday night on ustream. The Inception soundtrack CD drops Tuesay the 13th too, and you can listen to snippets on Amazon’s preview chart. A few more shots of Zimmer’s studio after the cut.

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