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Amy Adams as Janis Joplin?

Are we ready to hear Amy Adams tell us to take another little piece of her heart now, baby? Rumors spinning overnight say we should prepare for the prospect. Vulture points out that Zooey Deschanel is listed alongside Amy Adams on the development page, so will this be a multi-faceted look at Joplin similar to the kaleidoscope portrayals of Dylan in I’m Not There?

During an interview, Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey got to talking about some other projects his production company, Temple Hill Entertainment, is working on. One of them is a Janis Joplin biopic to be directed by Fernando Meirelles (City of God) starring … Amy Adams. Amy Adams, the lovely, talented, Oscar-nominated actress from Junebug , Enchanted, and Doubt whom it is, nonetheless, absolutely impossible to imagine taking a slug of alcohol, let alone choking on her own vomit? Yes! That Amy Adams! IMDb has the movie listed under the title Janis Joplin: Get It While You Can (though it says both Adams and long-rumored-Janis Zooey Deschanel are playing the lead role). While we can definitely imagine actresses less suited to the part by the fact of their total lack of talent, it is hard for us to imagine an actress less suited to the part by the fact of her total non-Joplin-esque vibe.

Has Vulture never heard that fastest route to an Oscar is playing against type? This sounds like a fascinating idea to me, and if Amy Adams can somehow channel Joplin’s raucous raunch it’ll effectively obliterate the notion that she’s the same spoonful of sugar in all her movies.

(thanks, jlu!)