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Oscar Watch on Gwyneth Paltrow, Country Strong

Women and Hollywood’s Melissa Silverstein wonders if this Gwyneth Paltrow role will bring her a second Oscar. Listen to the single Paltrow released:

This bit of news and info from

In May, Paltrow told MTV News, “I had to learn how to play guitar, and I took singing lessons. It was a real challenge, but I felt like I pretty much pulled it off.” She also said that her character is “in various stages of undress” because of her struggles with a drug and alcohol problem. In other reports, she said she asked her husband, Chris Martin of Coldplay, to help her master the guitar.

A country fan, Feste told The Tennessean newspaper in February that more than 100 local musicians participated in the film and that songwriters such as Liz Rose, Hillary Lindsey, Luke Laird, Bob DiPiero, Tom Douglas, Josh Kear and Chris Tompkins had written songs for the movie. In addition, Nathan Chapman, Frank Liddell and Byron Gallimore helped produce the music. Part of the movie was filmed at the Fontanel Mansion, the former home of Barbara Mandrell.

Paltrow wrote enthusiastically about her time in Nashville for the Goop blog, describing her visits to the Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman Auditorium and local bluegrass club, Station Inn. She also described her meals at Nashville establishments like Swett’s, Prince’s Hot Chicken and Loveless Caf√©.

The country singing turn has been known to capture Academy attention in the past. ¬†Sissy Spacek won an Oscar for playing Loretta Lynn in Coal Miner’s Daughter (sang with her own voice), Jessica Lange almost won one for playing Patsy Cline in Sweet Dreams (didn’t sing in her own voice), and more recently, Reese Witherspoon won for playing June Carter Cash in Walk the Line (She sang in her own voice).

The big difference is that Ms. Paltrow will not be playing a real country star. But still.