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Another Year Trailer

The Guardian posted a world exclusive for the trailer for Another Year. You can watch the high quality version over there. Here is a somewhat lower quality version that just hit YouTube:

Another Year was easily the best and most memorable film I saw out of Cannes.¬† It resonates still after all of these months. The astonishing performance of Lesley Manville is one to keep an eye on, particularly with a lot of fluff and nonsense coming at us lately. It’s one thing to be youthful and alluring. It’s a whole other thing to deliver a full spectrum performance like Manville does. In other word, step aside, bitches.

It is a subtle film in many ways, and there are going to be people who watch it and fail to connect because they’re looking for a big bang, or an easy answer. But this film is probably the best I’ve seen to illuminate the meaning of life. The meaning of life? Other people. The point of life? Living for others, not for yourself. And if you can make it through another year you’re already a winner.