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Top 25 Opening Scenes

Another good post from The Film Stage, this time highlighting a possible list of 25 of the most memorable film openings. You must go and read the post (with links!) but here are the scenes.

25. Inglourious Basterds
24. Vertigo
23. Antichrist
22. La Dolce Vita

21. Lord of War
20. Goodfellas
19. The Dark Knight
18. A Clockwork Orange
17. Goldeneye
16. There Will Be Blood
15. The Player
14. Citizen Kane
13. Children of Men
12. Reservoir Dogs
11. 2001: A Space Odyssey
10. Narc
09. The Godfather II
08. Star Wars
07. Touch of Evil
06. Night of the Living Dead
05. Mission: Impossible III
04. Trainspotting
03. Once Upon a Time in the West
02. Raiders of the Lost Ark
01. Jaws

Hard to argue with the number 1 pick. I agree with a lot of these, especially 2001 and Touch of Evil. But if I had to add a few, off the top of my head, the openings of films that have stuck with me over time include:

Blue Velvet
The Hurt Locker
Dirty Harry
sex, lies and videotape