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How Facebook Dominates Our Online World

Our friend Marshall sent this in. It comes from a xkcd, where you can find much more.

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One of the complaints I’d read about The Social Network (mainly from web development community in a mostly defensive tone, whether it was someone walking out of the film or railing against it — all of these pieces seemed to find a home on the Huffington Post) is that it doesn’t explain Facebook enough.

That to me was a smart decision by Aaron Sorkin. Nothing would have dated that movie faster than explaining what Facebook has become to us. We don’t need to have that explained to us. That over-explaining would be like someone talking about the invention of cars and then going on to explain how everyone uses a car. We live Facebook every day. Not only that, even if we don’t live it, or we try to avoid it, it is there. Two examples of it are on this very website with a Facebook “like” button and a Facebook fan page widget.

Facebook has infiltrated nearly every corner of the web. Even if we wanted to get out of it, we couldn’t. Zuckerberg and his team have done what no other Social Network site has been able to do – with the possible exception of Twitter — make themselves indispensable to the majority of web users. Therefore, we are all connected and everything ties back to Facebook.