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No Guts, No Glory – NBR Edition and Final Predictions

For our first No Guts, No Glory for the year, we’re turning to the National Board of Review (don’t forget to enter our contest) and how they might mix things up a bit – like will there be any kind of shocker in any category? They announce tomorrow, December 2. I’m going to guess that their top ten might be:

The Town
The Social Network
Black Swan
127 Hours
Blue Valentine
The King’s Speech (for the win)
Toy Story 3
Winter’s Bone
The Kids Are All Right
Inception (if there are 11)

For No Guts, No Glory, you may pick three. They have to be really out there, though. None of this alternatives thing. For instance, Clint Eastwood for Best Director is not really a No Guts thing, since many assume he will win this.

My No Guts, No Glory:
1. Sally Hawkins for Best Actress
2. Love and Other Drugs in the Best Picture 10
3. Ben Affleck wins Best Director