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Oklahoma Film Critics Circle winners

And… back to business as usual. (Thanks to Steve in the forums)

Top 10 Best Films
The Social Network
Black Swan
The Fighter
Winter’s Bone
True Grit
The King’s Speech
Toy Story 3
The Kids Are All Right
127 Hours

Best Film – The Social Network
Best Director – David Fincher, The Social Network

Best Actor – Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network
Best Actress – Natalie Portman, Black Swan
Best Supporting Actor – Christian Bale, The Fighter
Best Supporting Actress – Mila Kunis, Black Swan
Best Screenplay (Original) – Christopher Nolan, Inception
Best Screenplay (Adapted) – Aaron Sorkin, The Social Network
Best Documentary – Exit Through the Gift Shop
Best Foreign Language Film – A Prophet
Best Animated Film – Toy Story 3
Best First Feature – Chris Morris, Four Lions
Obviously Worst Movie – Sex and the City 2
Not-So-Obviously Worst Movie – Alice in Wonderland