Rigorous wordplay
Turns adversity to verse;
Squabbles sound sweeter.

My favorite thing about haiku contests is how they ask that we carefully consider our wording so all the clashing opinions find the same rhythm in a harmonious chorus.

I was supposed to choose a few of the best Haiku to highlight when the giveaway winners were announced. But, you know, 95% of the entrants were so great I would’ve had to cut-and-paste dozens to effectively represent all the cleverness on display. Anyone who missed it can check out the whole post, and enjoy.

The winner and runnersup were chosen with the punch of a button at randomizer.org. No surprise that each random choice was outstanding in and of itself — because the odds were so low of randomly picking a dud from all your excellent efforts.

Winner: #53 (cineJAB)
Runnersuo: #18 (Tero Heikkinen) and #82 (Jacob)

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