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True Grit becomes the Coens’ first $100 million baby. Also playing very well The King’s Speech, still in limited release but on track to make more than The Queen, Black Swan and The Fighter like gangbusters.

True Grit is up to $115 mil, and may make a lot more than that before all is said and done.

It’s so funny to think of a Coen brothers movie appealing to a general audience, isn’t it?

Chart from

True Grit (2010) $15,000,000 $110,430,022
Little Fockers $13,800,000 $124,000,515
Season of the Witch $10,726,000 $10,726,000
TRON: Legacy $9,803,000 $147,925,418
Black Swan $8,350,000 $61,455,493
Country Strong $7,300,000 $7,437,289
The Fighter $7,000,000 $57,844,442
The King’s Speech $6,811,400 $33,293,658
Yogi Bear $6,810,000 $75,605,521
Tangled $5,200,000 $175,868,398
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