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Watch clips of Oscar's Best Live-Action Shorts

Preview clips for all 10 Oscar-nominated shorts, both animated and live-action, have come online so everyone can see a sample. Shorts International and Magnolia Pictures are releasing the three categories theatrically on Feb 11. (Separate admissions.) They’ll all be available Feb 22 on iTunes and VOD.

Check out these brief clips for 5 Oscar nominees for Best Live Action Short after the cut, and vote for your favorite above.

2010 Best live action short films:

  • The Confession (National Film and Television School), A National Film and Television School Production, Tanel Toom
  • The Crush (Network Ireland Television), A Purdy Pictures Production, Michael Creagh
  • God of Love, A Luke Matheny Production, Luke Matheny
  • Na Wewe (Premium Films), A CUT! Production, Ivan Goldschmidt
  • Wish 143, A Swing and Shift Films/Union Pictures Production, Ian Barnes and Samantha Waite