Yes, the mark of a true Oscar game player is that the film finishes the season with its being anointed by 60 Minutes. The King’s Speech already got a mini review by Andy Rooney the week before who said he liked movies about things he knew about, as opposed to things he had to ask his grandchildren to explain to him, which was the gist. Game, match.

But then this past Sunday they brought out the letters by Lionel Logue as they did a profile on Colin Firth, etc. I’m sure if there were any Academy members on the fence about whether to vote for the movie, it might have swayed them, but something tells me those who were going to vote for the movie aren’t going to be the types who leave their ballots around long.

Watch the 60 Minutes thing here.

On ABC News’ site, though, they say it’s among the “most nominated films of all time.” Yes, but that isn’t really saying much — here are the films that also had 12 nominations:

The English Patient
On The Waterfront
My Fair Lady
Dances With Wolves
Schindler’s List
Mrs. Miniver
A Streetcar Named Desire *
The Song of Bernadette *
Reds *
Johnny Belinda *
Becket *
The King’s Speech

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  • Fiona Brendon

    The King’s Speech is one of my favorite movies. Brilliant directions and mind blowing acting made the film superb. Now I’m very excited to watch the 60 minutes episode. Thanks

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