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Awards Daily's 11th Annual No Guts, No Glory!

Well, here it is, folks Рour tired old ship has finally reached land and we mere days away from the Big Night.  The No Guts, No Glory is a tradition here at Awards Daily Рand a fun one.

For this contest, you are allowed up to ten predictions – but they have to be really wild ones. ¬†I suppose anything other than The King’s Speech for Best Picture would count, Aronofsky or the Coens for director, etc. ¬†I usually do three. ¬†Since I’m predicting The Social Network to upset in Picture and Director (seems highly unlikely) I can’t have that be my pick. ¬†But here are my five:

1. Jennifer Lawrence upsets in Best Actress due to to a split between Bening and Portman
2. Christopher Nolan upsets in Best Original Screenplay
3. The King’s Speech clean sweeps, winning 12/12 of its nominations, ROTK style
4. How to Train Your Dragon wins Animated Feature
5.  Darren Aronofsky upsets in Best Director, Steven Soderbergh style

Your turn.