Twitter has been a-flutter with the news that fresh off of his undeserved Oscar win, Tom Hooper will have a chance to show his stuff when he¬†next takes on the film version of the Broadway hit Les Miserables. ¬†I’m guessing Hooper will try to make a grittier version than the 1998 film with Uma Thurman and Liam Neeson. ¬†Every time I read he’s been confirmed, I click the link to read he’s still in “talks.” ¬†According to Deadline, he’s passed on the Weinstein Co’s Tulip Fever (I hope he realizes where he’d be without the Weinstein Co. ¬†Not in talks to direct Les Mis, I can tell you that).

He’s a decent enough director, so why not. ¬†Never having seen either the play or any of the film versions, I can’t speak for whether or not the world needs another cinematic interpretation of it. ¬†No one seems to be getting tired of other remakes, like Jane Eyre or Pride and Prejudice so perhaps there is still enough interest to make this a worthwhile project.

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