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Cast the New Liz and Dick Love Story (Supposedly) Directed by Scorsese

Deadline broke the news that Paramount and Scorsese are in talks to bring the torrid love story between Richard Burton and Liz Taylor to the big screen.  The film is going to be based on the book Furious Love.  Burton and Taylor fell in love on the set of Cleopatra and had that wonderful lifelong love affair.

Funnily enough, David Fincher is directing the Cleopatra remake with Angelina Jolie — Fincher, Scorsese….Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton.   They could just cast Angelina and be done with it.

My dream casting would be Russell Crowe and Charlize Theron with black hair.  But if she couldn’t do it, I’d probably want Angelina (though I’d make her gain twenty pounds at least).

How about you? Your choices?