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"Cuba's first horror film," Juan of the Dead

I’ll put “Cuba’s first horror film” in quotes because that’s how it’s being sold. I find the claim hard to believe — but when I tried to find another Cuban horror film, I stumbled across this essay:

The Cuban horror film does not exist because it has been explicitly prohibited by the government. Genre films, which would include not only horror but also science fiction and fantasy, have been deemed as detrimental to the political leanings and the social program of the Cuban government. In fact, ICAIC would not consider it inappropriate to label these forms of mass entertainments as counter-revolutionary or even degenerate art…

Furthermore, since horror is essentially, at its core, the relation between one and a perilous and often transmogrified other, the only other that is deemed worthy of discussion in Cuba is the capitalist imperialism of the United States. The yanquís, the Castro government’s demonic appellation for the inhabitants of the country ninety miles west of Cuba, are the lone evil in the Cuban psyche. Since billboards about them are already everywhere on the island, making a film about their sinister intentions seems an utterly redundant act.

So there’s some sociological background for anyone who thinks this trailer isn’t worthy of attention on the merits of its awesomeness alone.