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Werner Herzog and Comic-Con's "Collective Dreams"

Spotted: Werner Herzog holding court with a gaggle of Comic-Con beauties. What is he doing here? Just looking around.

The NY Times’ story on Herzog Herzog:

“I have never seen the collective dreams all in one place,” said Mr. Herzog, who claims to have expected men in suits — business suits — when he heard the term “convention.” Mr. Herzog was being guided through the heart of darkness by Erik Nelson, a producer with whom he often works. Mr. Nelson is here on business — on Friday evening, he is scheduled to appear on a panel explaining “Dinosaur Revolution,” a planned Discovery Channel series that promises “an insider’s view of the private lives and strange behavior of dinosaurs,” according to the official Comic-Con program guide.

Mr. Herzog, meanwhile, was absorbing the Breughel-like atmospherics, while taking a break from his own next project with Mr. Nelson, a death row documentary. It is so intense, he said, it has caused him to start smoking again.

“Not a lot, just sometimes,” said Mr. Herzog. “I can only work on this for five hours at a time. I’m usually an eight-hour guy.”