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Best Actor Talk

For the second in our series of talks, Thelma Adams, USA Today’s Susan Wloszczyna talk about Best Actor.

Since our talk, I’ve seen Moneyball.  Best Actor is boiling down to a few strong performances out a large group of actors this year.  Brad Pitt is going to be a force to be reckoned with I have a feeling: sometimes these things just happen and it’s nothing to do with anything but a kind of organic eruption of buzz and good will. This happened for Sandra Bullock and The Blind Side and, depending on box office and final review tallys from New York and LA, could happen with Mr. Pitt.  Again, I have to kind of eat crow because Scott Feinberg (now with the Hollywood Reporter) and Jeff Wells both said so and I fought them on it.  At any rate, the more people say about it now the less of a chance it has to happen.  So, one tries not to overhype.  Nonetheless, here is sampling of our talk.

Tom Hardy? Gerard Butler? Head on over to to read up.