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Talking Best Supporting Actor

For another in our ongoing series, Thelma Adams, Susan Wloszczyna and I discuss the preliminary stage of the Best Supporting Actor race. It could and will likely shift, but how I believed it is standing right now is:

Jonah Hill
Christopher Plummer
Albert Brooks
Nick Nolte
Max Von Sydow
Von Sydow wins. Best guess right now.
SUSAN: I would give it to Max, too, performance unseen. He should have gotten one for Hannah and The Exorcist let alone his Bergman classics.
Oh, and Mr. Brooks wants to win. He even stuck a fork in it.
THELMA: Sasha’s right: in this category, we still have too many gaps in knowledge, although I think we’ve covered pretty much what we’ve seen so far in 2011. Is there a problem when an actor wants the Oscar so badly — you should look like you want it, and shake every old Academy member’s hand, and yet be humble, and praise every body else. It’s such an act — and Colin Firth nailed it last year.

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